Paul Staehle and Karine

Paul Staehle death news has gone viral after his wife Karine Staehle shared a post on her Instagram account. Find out the truth here.

Paul Staehle is a well-known reality television personality who became media prominence after appearing on the TLC series 90 Day Fiancé. 

He appeared alongside Karine Martins on Seasons 1 and 2 of 90 Day Fiance. The duo married in 2017 in a ceremony that aired on TLC in 2018.

Furthermore, Karine is a verified Instagram user, and from her account, she has posted images with her partner and their kids.

Further, the hit show the pair has been going through many ups and downs.

The news of Paul’s missing has gone viral; a recent update has confused everyone. So, find out more facts below.

Paul Staehle Death News Is Trending

Paul Staehle death news is trending on the internet. Everyone started searching for Paul’s death news when his wife Karine shared a post on her Instagram account.

Recently, she shared a video of her husband with their kids, showing their memories. In the caption, Karine wrote, “Not all of our memories were bad.

Our children loved you very much. We will never forget you or the good memories we all shared.”

Paul Staehle Death
Paul Staehle’s death news went viral on the internet when Karine shared a post on her Instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

Not only that, Karine even left a heartbroken emoji. Due to her words, many people believed that Paul was dead.

Fans have shown mixed reactions; mainly, people say he may have died.

Due to this, Paul’s death news has circulated like afire on various social media platforms.

Apart from that, the official news about Paul’s demise has not been shared yet.

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Is Paul Staehle Dead Or Alive?

It has not been confirmed whether Paul Staehle is dead or alive.

The recent Instagram post of his wife, Karine, has left everyone thinking that she must be hinting that her husband is dead.

Apart from that, Karine even shared a story on Instagram that reads, “Life insurance is a final way of telling your loved ones, I’ve got you.”

Paul Staehle Dead Or Alive
Reality TV star John Yates shared a photo on Twitter of Paul Staehle talking about the current situation about his disappearance. (Source: Twitter)

After that, many people asked about the situation, and John Yates went live on YouTube to speak about this and what was happening. 

John, who is also a reality TV star, said he tried to contact Karine, but she never responded. 

Paul Staehle Missing Case Explained

Paul Staehle’s wife, Karine, shared the news of her husband’s vanishment. She revealed that Paul has allegedly gone missing in Brazil.

While sharing the news on Instagram story, she wrote, “Paul went missing last night in Brazil. Prayers he is found safe.” Shortly after, the news went viral on the internet.

An odd picture was then posted of an object reading: “Live, laugh, love.”

Not only that, but Karine also shared pictures of her breakfast and her cat wearing a Halloween-themed outfit.

Paul Staehle Missing
Paul Staehle’s missing info was shared by Karine on her Instagram story, leaving everyone shocked. (Source: Twitter)

This has pulled Karine into the controversy as many people are raising questions about Paul’s disappearance.

Further updates have not been given, but more facts may be updated soon. 

Meanwhile, Karine can be followed on Instagram as @staehlekarine. From her account, she may share some posts in the future. 

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