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Paul Stanley Schmidt was married to his wife, Ashley Umali, who described him as a dedicated Father and husband who loved his family with all his heart.

A Father, 37, was fatally stabbed outside a Starbucks in downtown Vancouver, depressing the normally lively street.

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According to Police, he was stabbed on Sunday at approximately 5:40 pm following a brief disagreement.

The incident shocked the community and sparked outrage across the country. Many have expressed their condolences to Schmidt’s family and called for justice for the senseless violence. 

Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer condemned the ******, saying it was an unprovoked and senseless ****** on a family man who was simply trying to protect his child. It’s a tragedy that has left a family shattered and a community in mourning.

Paul Stanley Schmidt Wife To Be: Who Is Ashley Umali? 

Paul Stanley Schmidt was married to his wife, Ashley Umali.

According to Kathy, her son was waiting inside with his daughter in a stroller while his fiancée placed drink orders inside.

Paul Stanley
A picture of Paul Stanley Schmidt with his daughter. (Source:

She admitted that the suspect’s vaping beside the infant catalyzed the incident. Ashley witnessed the entire incident and is still in disbelief and horror. She described her husband as a loving father who adored his children and would do anything to protect them. 

In a statement to the media, she said that Paul was a dedicated father and husband who loved his family with all his heart. He was the rock of our family, and his wife was devastated by his loss.

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His life was cut short in a senseless act of violence, and his family has called for justice and privacy in their time of grief. 

Canada Dad Stabbed At Starbucks: What Happened?

Police claim a Canadian dad in a Starbucks was stabbed to ***** after telling his alleged killer to stop vaping.

In the heart of Vancouver, close to Granville and Pender streets, is a tribute honoring Paul Schmidt. (Source:

According to a news release, Paul Stanley Schmidt was killed on the patio of a coffee shop in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Inderdeep Singh Gosal has been charged with second-degree ****** in his *****.

The horrific ****** on Sunday night reportedly began with a brief disagreement between the two guys, who did not appear to know one another.

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The victim’s mother, Kathy Schmidt, told the Vancouver Sun that he had ordered the man to cease vaping near his 3-year-old daughter.

Inderdeep Singh Gosal, 32, is accused of second-degree ******, according to Vancouver police, and detectives don’t think the suspect and victim knew one another.

Paul Stanley Schmidt’s Video Went Viral On Reddit

Following the incident, a video of the ****** was posted on Reddit and quickly went viral. 

The video shows the suspect stabbing Schmidt while sitting outside the Starbucks with his daughter. Many have criticized the decision to share the video, arguing that it is insensitive and disrespectful to the victim and his family.

Schmidt’s family has also spoken out against sharing the video, pleading with the public not to watch or share it. The proliferation of crime videos on social media has become a growing concern in recent years. 

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While some argue that sharing these videos raises crime awareness and helps catch perpetrators, others argue that it is exploitative and can cause further harm to the victims and their families.

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