Paul Thijssen Murder Suspect

Police are hunting for Paul Thijssen ****** suspect in the ***** of Lilie James, a young water polo coach at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Lilie James, 21 years old, was a beloved water polo coach who worked at St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney, Australia.

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Tragically, on Wednesday, 25 October 2023, her life was cut short as she was found dead in the school’s gym bathroom, suffering from severe injuries.

Her father reported her missing when she didn’t return home by midnight, setting off a tragic chain of events. The police have classified her ***** as a homicide and are currently conducting an intensive investigation.

Although police have not named a prime suspect in this harrowing case, they are searching for Paul Thijssen, a 24-year-old former student and sports captain of the same school.

The burning question remains, “Is Paul Thijssen arrested or missing?” Here is what we know in regard.

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Paul Thijssen ****** Suspect Of Lilie James: Arrested Or Missing?

Paul Thijssen, a man of significant interest in the Lilie James ****** case, is currently wanted for questioning by the authorities.

He had been a sports assistant, coach, and a former student at St. Andrew’s and reportedly had a romantic relationship with Lilie, which ended just five weeks prior to her tragic *****.

Paul Thijssen ****** Suspect
Paul Thijssen, pictured above, has become the man of significant interest in the Lilie James ***** case. (Image Source: Yahoo)

The last time Lilie was seen alive was with Paul on the school premises, and now he’s nowhere to be found.

Police have launched a manhunt to locate him, focusing their efforts on the Diamond Head Reserve area in Vaucluse, where they discovered his silver Lexus and potential evidence.

Moreover, authorities are eager to interview this Netherlands-born coach in connection to Lilie James’ *****, and they have established a second crime scene near The Gap in Vaucluse.

Furthermore, Paul’s history includes finishing his schooling at St. Andrew’s in 2017, where he held the role of sports captain.

Importantly, the police found no prior indications of a history of domestic violence between Paul and Lilie.

Detective Superintendent Martin Fileman confirmed the discovery of “an item linked to the homicide” in the Vaucluse area, which raised further questions about this troubling case.

Moreover, a silver Lexus linked to Paul Thijssen was towed away from the scene, adding to the mystery of his whereabouts.

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Lilie James was Found Dead In School Bathroom With A Head Injury

The tragedy unfolded at St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney, where a young female sports coach, Lilie James’ life, was abruptly taken in a school bathroom, marred by severe head injuries.

Law enforcement officers responded to the call just before midnight on Wednesday when a family member expressed concern for her safety.

Paul Thijssen ****** Suspect
Authorities have launched a manhunt to locate Paul Thijssen. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Inside the bathroom attached to the gymnasium, police discovered Lilie James, a beloved water polo coach in her early 20s.

The extent of her head injuries left no room for doubt that her demise was the result of homicide, setting in motion an investigation that has captured the attention of the entire community.

As the investigation into Lilie James’ ****** unfolds, the authorities are determined to answer the pressing question of Paul Thijssen’s whereabouts.

The tragic loss of a young life and the looming uncertainty surrounding this case cast a somber shadow over the St. Andrew’s Cathedral School community and the wider Sydney area as they await answers in a search for justice and closure.

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