Paul Vallas

People are curious about Paul Vallas religion as he is currently making headlines as a Democratic candidate in the 2023 mayoral election.

In the first round of voting, Paul finished in first place and will now advance to the runoff election. Vallas is reportedly running against incumbent Lori Lightfoot.

Lightfoot had made history four years ago as the first Black woman to be elected mayor of Chicago and had won all 50 of the city’s wards.

However, on Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Lori suffered a significant defeat in her bid for re-election.

As Chicago experienced a surge in violent crime during the pandemic, the voters were dissatisfied with her handling of crime and policing in the city. 

The two candidates who advanced to the April 4 runoff were Paul Vallas, a former public schools executive, and Brandon Johnson, a county board commissioner.

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Paul Vallas Religion: Does He Follow Christian Or Jewish?

The politician has not disclosed what religion he practices. Belonging to Greek-American parents, he could be an Orthodox Christian.

Vallas began his career as a budget analyst for the City of Chicago in the early 1980s. He later served as the city’s budget director and chief of staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley.

In 1995, Vallas was appointed the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, overseeing significant improvements in student performance, test scores, and graduation rates.

Paul Vallas is currently making headlines as a Democratic candidate in the 2023 mayoral election
Paul Vallas is currently making headlines as a Democratic candidate in the 2023 mayoral election (Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

After leaving the Chicago Public Schools, Vallas held leadership positions in Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Bridgeport, Connecticut, school districts.

He also ran for political office, serving as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois in 2014 and Mayor of Chicago in 2019.

Throughout his career, Vallas has strongly advocated education reform and implemented policies to improve student outcomes and increase accountability.

He has also been recognized for his fiscal management skills and has successfully balanced budgets in several government organizations.

In addition to his work in government and education, Vallas has also served as a university professor, teaching courses on public policy and administration.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and a Master’s from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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More On Paul Vallas: Family, Ethnicity And Origin

Paul Vallas was born to a Greek-American family on June 10, 1953, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The politician has not disclosed her parents’ names.

His parents were both immigrants who came to the United States from Greece. Vallas was raised in the Roseland area on the South Side of Chicago. 

He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and during his teenage years, he resided in Palos Heights. 

He completed his secondary education at Carl Sandburg High School and attended Moraine Valley Community College.

Paul Vallas's parents were immigrants who came to the United States from Greece
Paul Vallas’s parents were immigrants who came to the United States from Greece (Source: Block Club Chicago)

He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Western Illinois University, and a master’s in political science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Vallas has been involved in various Greek cultural and community organizations as a Greek-American.

He has also been active in political and educational leadership roles as the superintendent of schools in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.

Paul Vallas served as the head of the Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission from 1985 to 1990.

He later worked as the municipal budget director for Chicago under Mayor Richard M. Daley from 1990 to 1993.

Vallas and his wife, Sharon Vallas, are the parents of three children named Gus, Mark, and Paul Jr. Sadly, in 2018, Vallas’s son Mark passed away due to opioid abuse.

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