Pauline Carpio Story

Pauline Carpio missing case has dragged a huge public attention as the missing girl has not been found yet. Let’s find out more in this article.

Pauline Carpio was a young lady reportedly from the Philipines whose name has been the talk of the town for the past few days. Carpio went missing a long time ago and has not been found yet.

Due to her disappearance, people from many places are still asking multiple questions about the missing lady. Meanwhile, her actual name is said to be Paulene Carpio, but some have mentioned that it is Pauline.

As netizens are concerned about Carpio’s missing case, everything regarding the matter has been compiled here for your convenience.

Pauline Carpio Missing Case: Where Was She Seen Last in 1986?

Pauline Carpio missing case is one of the unsolved matters as the young lady went missing in 1986. Many online portals have claimed that Carpio vanished on February 14, 1986. It remains unknown when she was last seen.

The day Carpio went missing was Valentine’s Day. Since then, Carpio has not been found yet. Some posts regarding Carpio can be found on social media, which people have shared to help her family to find Pauline.

Pauline Carpio Missing
The missing case of Pauline Carpio has dragged huge public attention as the lady has not been seen for 37 years. ( Source: Facebook )

A Facebook handle named Pinoy History shared a post on June 7, 2022, detailing something about Carpio’s vanishment.

Following her disappearance, multiple speculations have risen on the internet. People have shared their own thoughts regarding Pauline’s vanishment.

Some say, Caripo was killed, while some speculate she was raped and killed by drug addicts. Despite the rumors, none of the verified media sources have shared the fact yet.

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Pauline Carpio Wikipedia and Age

Pauline Carpio was said to be a school student who was last seen on February 14, 1986. Her actual age at the time of her disappearance remains unknown as her birth details have not been published openly.

Furthermore, the name Pauline just came into media prominence after the news of her missing was shared on multiple social media platforms.

Pauline Carpio Wikipedia
Pauline Carpio was a school student who went missing on February 14, 1986 and has not been found since then. ( Source: Asimou & Assiociate )

More details regarding Carpio’s family life and educational history remain unclear. However, many believe that Pauline was a good kid who was attending a school.

It can be said that her family still remembers their child, as Carpio has not been seen for a long time.

Pauline Carpio Missing Case Update: Is She Found?

The current update of Pauline Carpio missing case shows that she has not been found. It’s been 37 years since the disappearance of Carpio.

It has been reported that Carpio’s mother gave up on the search until the whole family left the house and sold it to someone else. After a long time, someone who moved and bought a house found the girl’s old Diary in the house’s storage. 

Pauline Carpio Missing Case Update
Many people have compared Pauline Carpio’s missing case to the 1989 film named Dear Diary. ( Source: Facebook )

In the diary, something was written, and many sources have mentioned them as”February 4: E.T.’s Birthday, February 6: Glee Club Rehearsal, February 8: Visit Hospital, February 10: Review for the exam, February 13: M.D. asked me to watch a movie with him tomorrow, why not Sir is nice.”

Furthermore, Carpio’s case is again in the limelight as many people have compared the matter with a 1989 movie named Dear Diary

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