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Learn about popular actress from the 70s, Paz Isern Wikipedia, and edad (age) details from this article. Also meet her family and get net worth details.

Spanish actress Paz Isern, known for her roles in the 1970s cinema, made her mark in two notable films.

In 1972, she debuted in ‘París bien vale una moza,’ portraying the character Sophie, a young woman entangled in a passionate romance with Juan, portrayed by Alfredo Landa.

Her talent shone through in her second film, ‘La Petición (1976),’ where she played a maid alongside Carmen Maura. Isern also graced the screen in the short film ‘Lola, Paz y yo (1974).’

These movies showcased her acting prowess and contributed significantly to the 1970s Spanish film landscape.

Isern’s performances left an indelible mark on the era’s cinema, cementing her legacy as a talented actress.

Paz Isern Wikipedia & Edad (Age): How Old Is She?

She does not have a Wikipedia page, but she has some online profiles on IMDb, CINE.COM and, where you can find information about her filmography and biography.

Paz Isern is a Spanish actress who appeared in two movies in the 1970s: ‘París bien vale una moza (1972)’ and ‘La Petición (1976)’.

Paz Isern Wikipedia
Paz Isern was cast as Sophie in her debut film, ‘París bien vale una moza.’ (Source: Prime Video)

She made her debut as Sophie, a young woman who falls in love with Juán (Alfredo Landa), in the first movie, and played a maid alongside Carmen Maura in the second one. She also starred in a short film called ‘Lola, Paz y yo (1974)’.

Paz Isern’s exact date of birth is unknown, but she was probably born in the late 1940s or early 1950s since she was in her twenties when she acted in her first movie.

Therefore, she is likely to be in her seventies or eighties now. There is not much information about her current life or career, as she seems to have retired from acting after her second movie.

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Paz Isern Family: Ethnicity & Origin

Details about Paz Isern’s background remain veiled in mystery. Although her Spanish ethnicity and birth in Spain are certain, her family history remains obscure.

Born presumably in the 1950s, she carved her path as an actress in her homeland.

While she likely has relatives, no concrete evidence supports this claim, leaving her familial connections largely unknown.

Paz Isern Wikipedia
Paz Isern has not shared any details about her parents to the public. (Source: Trakt)

Interestingly, her surname, ‘Isern,’ hints at a potential Catalan lineage, given its prevalence in Catalonia.

However, this speculation lacks confirmation from credible sources, adding to the enigma surrounding her heritage.

Despite the intrigue surrounding her roots, Isern’s legacy is firmly rooted in her contributions to Spanish cinema.

As audiences continue to appreciate her work, the enigmatic aura of her personal history only deepens, adding an extra layer of fascination to her story.

Paz Isern Net Worth: How Much Does She Make?

Paz Isern’s net worth is unknown, as she has not revealed her income or assets to the public.

She may have earned some money from her acting career, but it is not clear how much or how long she worked as an actress.

She may have also had other sources of income or investments, but there is no information about that either.

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Paz Isern’s net worth may also depend on her current lifestyle and expenses, which are also unknown.

She may have retired from acting or continued working in other fields, but there is no update on her whereabouts or activities.

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