Pearl Shongwe Net Worth

As her parents have confirmed, Pearl Shongwe passed away on November 8, 2022. 

Pearl’s neighbors called the Police late at night after finding out she was dead; she left this earth at a very early age. 

Her family and friends confirmed the news through Twitter; people have been posting condolences to her family. Many fans of hers are still shocked to confirm the news, and it is hard to believe that a Tv host died at age 35. 

Pearla is well known as the South African News Anchor, TV Host, and Media Personality who worked at METRO FM.

Pearl Shongwe Net Worth At Death

According to the Sources, her net worth was $1 million before her death; she earned a good amount as the anchor. 

She built her million-dollar empire via her career; her net worth was from her career as a Tv host, Anchor at METRO FM. 

Pearl Shongwe hosting a show.
Pearl Shongwe hosting a show. (Image Source: KINGDOM FM ONLINE)

The information regarding her salary at METRO FM has not been disclosed yet; it might be the Company’s policy not to release the exact salary amount publicly.

But at 35, the woman was earning great about and was also a media personality. Although she did not ever confirm her net worth, looking at the database, it is confirmed that she was earning more than $1 million.

Is Metro FM Presenter Married? Meet Her Husband 

There has never been clear information about her husband, but she at least had one relationship in the past. 

She has kept her profile low from media and news; she has never shared much information about her dating life. 

So, there has never been clear information about her dating history; she has never shared her relationship publicly.

Therefore, we cannot be sure if she was married, engaged, or single before her death. Not only that, but family members have also never shared any information regarding her boyfriend.

If there is no information regarding her husband, then she might have only focused on her career. So, she was not married or engaged, and she never had any serious relationship that she shared in public. 

Metro presenter was never married and had no children before her death; she was alone in her apartments and busy with her work.

Pearl Shongwe Family Details 

Showgwe was not very outgoing; she always had her family with her. Her parents always supported her with her career path. 

She always had her family as her support system, they were very proud of her, but she is no more with them.  Her parents confirmed that she died in her sleep, and her parents came out in the media and shared the news. 

But the information regarding her parents or any family member has not been disclosed yet. She respected her parent’s privacy. 

She also never shared any pictures with her family member on her Instagram account; she was very private. 

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Reason Behind Pearl Shongwe Death 

Pearl’s family confirmed that it was a natural death. They found out on November 8, 2022, after her neighbor called the Police.

She died in her sleep, but the new 35 years old anchor has made it public in shock; they have been passing tweets to her and her family.

News Live SA Tweeted the news about Pearl Shongwe death.
News Live SA Tweeted the news about Pearl Shongwe’s death. (Image Source: Twitter)

People loved her personality in the show; she was always energetic in her work. Although her parents have confirmed the news, people have been questioning them. 

It is hard to believe the news, but Pearl is no more with us. 

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