Pete Burns Tattoos

Learn about Pete Burns tattoos meaning via this article. Burns was a singer, songwriter and television personality. 

Burns was best known as the lead singer of the band Dead or Alive, which was popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The band’s biggest hit was the song “You Spin Me Round,” released in 1984 and became a worldwide hit.

Besides his career as a singer, he was involved in various reality television shows, including “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Celebrity Wife Swap.” 

The singer died from a cardiac arrest on October 23 2016; he was 57. Burns has always been remembered for his music. 

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Pete Burns Tattoos Meaning And Design

Burns had several tattoos, and people were often curious to learn the design and meaning behind the tattoo. 

Burns had several tribal tattoos on his arms and back. These tattoos were meant to symbolize strength and power.

Various photos of Pete Burns can be found online that showcase his tattoos.

Burns had a skull and crossbones tattoo on his arm. This tattoo was a symbol of danger and rebellion.

He had star tattoos on his legs, visible in many online pictures. But the meaning behind the tattoo has not been described. 

Pictures of Pete Burns in 2016 which shows some of the tattoos on his body.
Pictures of Pete Burns in 2016 show some of the tattoos on his body. (Image Source: Daily Express)

Pete Burns had multiple coloured tattoos on various body parts, such as his arms, chest, and back. However, not all his tattoos have been fully seen or described in detail.

Many of the singer’s tattoos were meant to symbolize strength, power, and wisdom, and he was famous for his tattoo and extensive plastic surgery.

Along with Burns’s tattoo, people have made portrait tattoos of the singer to pay tribute to him after his death.

Burns often had tattoos but never publicly shared the design or meaning behind them. The singer was private about his personal information, passionate and focused on his career path. 

Dead Or Alive Lead Vocalist: Pete Burns Family Details 

Pete was born to Evalina Maria and Francis Burns on August 5, 1959. His parents met at a Party. 

His parents supported his career, and he often mentioned that his parents played a significant role. Burns was raised along with his older brother, Tony.

Burns got married to Lynne Corlett in 1978. The couple eventually got divorced in 2006.

After divorcing Corlett, Burns entered a civil partnership with his partner, Michael Simpson, in 2007.

Pete and Michael at the Royal Society of Arts for their Civil Partnership Ceremony.
Pete and Michael at the Royal Society of Arts for their Civil Partnership Ceremony. (Image Source: The Mirror)

After he got into a relationship with Michael, a big question was raised about his sexuality. Burns identified himself as male and did not intend to become a woman before death. 

Burns did not have biological children, but it was confirmed that Michael had a daughter with his previous partner. 

Pete Burns Net Worth Before Death 

Burns’s net worth before his death was $250 thousand, per the Source. His primary source of income was his career as a singer and songwriter. 

It is believed that he had accumulated a considerable amount of wealth before his death. 

Burns was also known for his unique fashion sense and style, and he often wore elaborate and eye-catching outfits. 

Besides knowing him as a singer and songwriter, he presented his talent in reality television shows. 

Additionally, while talking about his net worth, he might have other sources of income like business and investments. 

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