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Singer and guitarist Peter Frampton’s Inclusion Body Myositis diagnosis was sad news for his fans. But, the way he tackled the disease is an inspiration to many.  

Peter Kenneth Frampton, shortly known as Peter Frampton, is an English guitarist and singer. He rose to fame for giving several hit songs such as Baby, I Love Your Way, Show Me The Way, and more.

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Likewise, the musician found success as a child guitarist. He became a member of The Herd group in 1966, giving 3 British Top 10 hits.

Now, let us focus on Peter Frampton’s Inclusion Body Myositis diagnosis. Could you stick with us to know more?

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Peter Frampton Inclusion Body Myositis: Is The Rocker Sick Now?

Singer and guitarist Peter Frampton suffered from IBM- Inclusion Body Myositis that causes weakening muscles and atrophy.

Peter Frampton performance
Musician Peter Frampton never stopped performing after IBM diagnosis. (Source: Guitar)

Likewise, IBM is more like a disorder than a disease. So, the condition will stay with him for a lifetime.

That is why the Baby, I Love Your Way singer found a way to live with the disorder. Even though his career is slightly affected by the disorder, he is more than happy to accept his sickness.

Frampton inspires many worldwide as he finds a happy way to tackle his health issues.

Moreover, he discovered a new purpose after his IBM diagnosis. Frampton’s unique sense of purpose encouraged him to involve in humanitarian and started a research foundation, Peter Frampton Myositis Research Fund.

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Peter Frampton Illness

Musician Peter Frampton’s illness is a rare and disabling disorder. Like ALS, IBM- Inclusion Body Myositis causes weakening muscles and atrophy.

However, the two diseases, IBM and ALS, are different, as IBM’s survivability is much higher and is not fatal as ALS.

Likewise, IBM progresses slowly and harms muscles, including the quadriceps, in an asymmetric pattern.

Singer and guitarist Frampton lost 10 pounds because the disease caused him to lose muscles.

Moreover, lack of strength affected his finger flexors and enabled talent, which is not good for a guitarist. Dexterity is a muscle disorder that causes muscles to facilitate uncertain movement.

Similarly, a less number (about one-third) of IBM patients have trouble swallowing. Fortunately, Frampton didn’t experience this symptom.

Strictly speaking, this disease affects an estimated 30,000 Americans, according to a legit report. However, IBM’s cause is still hazy and is continuously debated.

Yet drugs usually prescribed for autoimmune disorders, such as corticosteroids and immunosuppressants, tend to have little or no effect against IBM.

After showing symptoms, Frampton went for diagnosis in Baltimore. There he met the MD of the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center, Lisa Christopher-Stine.

At first, Dr. Lisa thought of Frampton as a rock-star stereotype who would be a demanding, entitled patient. But later, her perception changed as she found him the opposite. Frampton’s doctor, Christopher-Stine, said:

He (referring to the musician) was genuine, charming, and disarming. More so, he is a lovely human being. It took a minute for me to realize that I am speaking to an old pal.

It looks like Frampton shares a good bond with his doctor, which is always helpful for speeding recovery.

Peter Frampton Health Update

As of now, Musician Frampton has some weakness in his hand because of the disease. Fortunately, his playing instruments has not been affected, which is always a good sign for him and his fans.

Peter Frampton IBM Health Update
Musician Peter Frampton thanked his fans for supporting his IBM Foundation. (Source: One Country)

Yes, the Frampton Comes Alive! Star cannot lift light and heavy objects over his head, but he seems ok with the issue as it only causes him trouble while putting stuff in overhead airplane compartments, he said.

Frampton’s doctor, Christopher-Stine, was overwhelmed by his speeding recovery. According to the doctor, his health update looked remarkable.

Dr. Christopher-Stine said that Frampton could still play guitar at a rock-god level. Although his finger flexors weakened, his talent to work them was preserved.

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