Trinidadian carnival artist Peter Minshall ***** news is trending on the internet. Is the information accurate, or is it just another celebrity ***** hoax? Let’s find out.

Peter Minshall is a famous Trinidadian carnival artist known for his innovative style and well-performed routines.

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The 82-year-old has won several Band of the Year titles for his works.

His award-winning works include Paradise Lost, Carnival of the Sea, Jungle Fever, Carnival Is Colour, Hallelujah, Song of the Earth, Tapestry, The Sacred Heart, and Mas Pieta.

Minshall has been awarded distinctions such as Guggenheim Fellowship, Chaconia Silver Medal, Prince Claus Award, Trinity Cross, Republic Day Award, and many more.

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Peter Minshall ***** News Trending: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Peter Minshall has been the victim of the recent celebrity ***** hoax on the internet.

So, Peter Minshall ***** news is fake and baseless since he is alive and kicking as of February 2023. 

Every once in a while, celebrities get to hear rumors of their own *****.

Often, the rumor spreads fast, and people share their condolences on social media without fact-checking.

peter minshall *****
Peter Minshall ***** news spread on the internet, but he is alive and well. (Source: Instagram)

Some celebs who lived to hear the news of their ***** are Bill Murray, Jerry Springer, Bill Nye, Jon Bon Jovi, Joe Rogan, William H. Macy, and Jimmy Fallon.

The same happened to Trinidadian carnival artist Peter Minshall who had to clarify that he was alive and well.

After a widespread rumor that he was dead, Minshall’s Facebook page addressed those rumors and assured his fans that he was alive.

News of his ***** spread so much that state-owned national news agency TTT also reported that Minshall had died.

And just hours after the fake news of the legendary carnival artist’s ***** spread, numerous tributes and obituaries were posted online by people and news portals without fact-checking.

To clarify that the 82-year-old was alive, Trinidad Express published an article entitled “Who started this rumor?

Martin Mouttet, the owner of Medulla Art Gallery, confirmed to The Express that the legendary mas man Peter Minshall was “alive and well.”

He added that he had just had a conversation with Minshall on the phone and that the mas man was also aware of the fake news.

Many close friends clarified that Peter was doing well and urged the Trinidadian media to check the facts before publishing.

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More About Peter Minshall

Peter Minshall is a legendary carnival artist from Trinidad and Tobago.

He was born in Georgetown, Guyana, on 16 July 1941. However, Peter’s parents moved to Trinidad when he was young, and his father worked as a cartoonist.

As a child, Minshall was exposed to Carnival as he grew up in Port of Spain, a carnival hotspot.

Intrigued by the carnival lifestyle, Peter made his first costume at 13. 

Peter Minshall is a legendary carnival artist known for his distinctive style. (Source: Instagram)

He studied at Queen’s Royal College and later moved to London to pursue a degree in Theatre Design at the Central School of Art and Design.

One of his first famous costumes was “From the Land of the Hummingbird,” which he created for his adopted sister Sherry-Ann Guy (Coelho) to wear for carnival 1974.

It took five weeks, 12 people, and 104 feathers, each made of 150 different pieces of fabric.

The costume was an immediate sensation and became a significant icon in the Trinidad Carnival.

Minshall then started creating other innovative and attractive costumes, which became the highlights of several carnivals.

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