Jonathan Gannon Father

Jonathan Gannon Father, James Gannon, died many years ago. He left the world by teaching this footballer great life values.

Likewise, he is a football coach and the defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. With his comprehensive technical skills, he had also proven his legacy by serving as an assistant coach in different teams.

As he has maintained his profile low, many of his well-wishers remain curious about his whereabouts, having held a fan base on an international platform.

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Philadelphia Eagles: Who Is Jonathan Gannon Father?

Jonathan Gannon was born to his beloved Father, James Gannon. Many people have assumed his Father as Rich Gannon, having shared the same surname and occupation, but that is not the case.

Likewise, James was not involved in a football-related field but supported him highly in his career goals. He worked in painting and wallpapering houses.

Jonathan Gannon is a name to watch for the Eagles’ defensive coordinator job
Jonathan Gannon is a candidate to be the Eagles’ defensive coordinator. (Source- Philadelphia Inquirer)

As per The Athletic, his Father is no more in this world, and he passed away in 2009 at 58 years old when Gannon was 26. During his moment with Jonathon, he shared moral lessons to follow in life.

Moreover, he addressed two principles: Treat people the right way and try your hardest. With that, he tries to shape his deeds wisely. Since he has maintained a low profile, his personal updates are not prompt.

Who Is Jonathan Gannon Wife? Know About His Kids

Jonathan Gannon is a married man blessed to be with his wife, Monica Gannon. She has self-proclaimed herself as a foodie, national TV broadcaster, and live events host.

Per the bio on her Instagram account, she was born and nurtured in “The City of Brotherly Love.” She was involved in her profession, appearing in TV shows since her young days. She has widely developed her skills by gaining experience and passion.

Likewise, Jonathon and Monica are the parents of three children, namely Rocco, Lola, and Angelo Gannon. Just a few months, they suffered a tragic car accident where Arianna was pronounced dead.

Even though two other girls were involved in the same car, they were lucky enough to survive and underwent medical supervision for a long time.

Captain to chess club, career-ending injury to Eagles DC
Captain to chess club, career-ending injury to Eagles DC (Source-The Athletic)

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Jonathan Gannon Net Worth

According to Popular Net Worth, Jonathan Gannon has a net worth of 1 to 5 million dollars in the current year. He has assembled his financial portfolio from his primary occupation, football.

With his proficiency in playing, he has had coaching expertise for over a decade. Even during his college days, he has also associated with playing basketball too.

As a rookie coordinator, he has never named defensive plays, which is a novel challenge for him. He has developed a prosperous career and is still developing it.

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