Phillip Schofield Wife Illness

Phillip Schofield wife illness news has been trending online. Is She sick? Find out if the former ITV host’s spouse, Stephanie Lowe, has any illness.

Television show hosts are supposed to present stories and news. But sometimes, they end up being the center of the top news.

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Phillip Schofield, a longtime host of ITV This Morning, is one example of this. After two daughters and 27 years of marriage, Phillip officially came out as gay in 2020.

Holly Willoughby, a co-host on This Morning, read the formal statement on air that Schofield had written. Also, the prominent TV host confessed about his relationship with a younger man.

Although Phillip Schofield and his wife, Stephanie Lowe, are technically married, they don’t live together. But the couple still are on good terms and co-parent their two kids.

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Phillip Schofield Wife Illness: What happened To Stephanie Lowe?

No reports about Phillip Schofield’s wife’s illness have been made public. Thus, we assume that Stephanie Lowe is in good health.

Phillip Schofield Wife Illness
Former ITV host Phillip Schofield’s wife, Stephanie Lowe, doesn’t seem to have any health issues. (Image Source: The Sun)

Nothing has happened to the television host’s wife. Following the shocking news of Phillip’s affair with a younger man, people seem worried about Stephanie.

Moreover, the former ITV host recently apologized to Stephanie as he admitted to an affair with a younger man, a This Morning worker.

In a lengthy statement, he referred to his relationship with the younger man as unwise but not illegal.

“I am painfully aware that I lied to my ITV employers, coworkers and friends, agents, media and subsequently the public, and most crucially to my family. As I am for having betrayed my wife, I sincerely apologize.

According to the television personality, they met as teenagers and had an “on-off” “consensual” relationship.

He claimed: “It wasn’t until he began working on the show that it developed into anything more than just a friendship. Although it was unwise, that relationship was legal. Now it is over.”

Is Phillip Schofield And Stephanie Lowe Still Married?

Phillip and Stephanie Lowe have been married since 1993. The TV host keeps details about his personal life private.

But when he announced his sexual orientation, Phillip talked about how supportive Stephanie had been in the wake of his public announcement about his sexuality.

In an interview with Lorraine in 2022, the renowned television host said his wife had been the most incredible foundation of support and rock throughout his career and his daughters.

“I couldn’t be more proud of. We are a family, and it works,” added Schofield.

Phillip Schofield Wife Illness
Phillip Schofield and Stephanie Lowe with their daughters, Molly and Ruby Schofield. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Phillip and Stephanie are technically still married, but they’re not together anymore as a couple. However, Phillip and Stephanie are still on good terms with each other.

Phillip and Stephanie share two kids together. She supported Phillip when he publicly came out as gay in 2020, saying, “We had to deal with the most emotionally trying time in our 27-year marriage.”

Lowe said she will continue to love Phillip as much as she has in the past and will. Furthermore, Stephanie met Phillip when she was working as a production assistant for the BBC.

The Schofield-Lowe couple’s daughters, Molly and Ruby Schofield, have grown up. Although their exact age is unknown, Molly and Ruby are in their early thirties and late twenties, respectively.

The divorce news of Schofield and Lowe has not come yet. As of 2022’s report, they had even thought about it.

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