Pomu Rainpuff Past Life

Get insights into Pomu Rainpuff past life, who conquered the Internet as a whimsical fairy with her charm and magic.

Pomu Rainpuff is one of the most popular virtual YouTubers in the world, with over 600,000 subscribers on her channel.

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She is part of the first wave of Nijisanji EN, a branch of the Japanese VTuber agency Nijisanji, alongside Elira Pendora and Finana Ryugu.

Together, they form the group LazuLight, known for their energetic and chaotic streams.

But who is Pomu Rainpuff, and how did she become a successful VTuber? What was her past life before being famous? How old is she really?

In this article, we will explore some of the facts and mysteries surrounding this cheerful and mischievous fairy.

Pomu Rainpuff Past Life Before Being Famous: Wikipedia Details 2024

According to her official profile, Pomu Rainpuff is a fairy who lives in a lush forest. She is supple like a flower in the breeze, cheerful and optimistic. She is also a hardcore otaku who loves maid cafes, idols, and cute girls.

She decided to become a VTuber after watching other Nijisanji members and being inspired by them. However, not much is known about her past life before becoming a VTuber.

She has hinted at some aspects of her previous occupation, such as working in customer service, being a dancer, and having experience in voice acting.

Pomu Rainpuff Past Life
Pomu has chosen to keep her true identity shrouded in mystery, concealing both her name and face to maintain her fairy persona. (Image Source: VTuber NewsDrop)

She has also mentioned that she used to live in Japan for a while and that she can speak some Japanese. Pomu has not revealed her real name or face, as she prefers to keep her identity as a fairy secret.

She has also stated that she does not want to be associated with any political or religious views and that she respects everyone’s opinions.

She has also asked her fans not to bring up other streamers unless she mentions them first, and not to mention her in other streamer’s chats.

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Pomu’s Wikipedia page was created on May 2, 2021, shortly after her debut. It contains information about her background, personality, appearance, streaming activities, collaborations, songs, and trivia.

However, it is not very detailed and does not cite many sources. Pomu herself has said that she does not mind if people edit her Wikipedia page, as long as they do not add anything harmful or false.

Pomu Rainpuff Age: How Old Is The Female VTuber?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Pomu is how old she is. Pomu has never given a clear answer to this question and has often joked about it.

She has claimed that she is anywhere from 18 to 1000 years old, depending on the situation.

She has also said that age does not matter for fairies and that they age differently from humans. Pomu’s birthday is on June 6th, which makes her a Gemini.

Pomu Rainpuff age
Pomu’s sweet voice hint at her innocence and charm, yet she also exudes signs of wisdom and maturity. (Image Source: Dexerto)

She celebrated her first birthday as a VTuber in 2021 with a special stream where she received gifts and messages from her fans and fellow LazuLight members.

She also revealed her second outfit, a maid costume with green accents. Pomu’s appearance and voice suggest that she is young and cute, but she has also shown signs of maturity and wisdom.

She has a remarkable vocal range and can sing in various genres and languages. She is also very creative and hardworking and puts a lot of effort into making her streams enjoyable for her viewers.

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She can be very passionate and enthusiastic about her hobbies and interests, but also very anxious and self-critical when things do not go as planned.

Pomu’s age may remain a mystery for now, but what is certain is that she is a talented and charming VTuber who has captured the hearts of many fans around the world.

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