popularmmos arrested again

Famous YouTuber PopularMMOs arrested again as he finds himself in another legal trouble over a pitch intrusion incident.

The 35-year-old American YouTuber is best known for his Minecraft videos and vlogs. His real name is Patrick Thomas Julianelle.

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With over 17 million subscribers, the PopularMMOs channel, which previously starred Pat and his now ex-wife Jen, is a massive hit on the platform.

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PopularMMOs Arrested Again: Is He In Jail Now? What Did He Do?

PopularMMOs and two other men were arrested concerning a pitch invasion incident during the Jacksonville Jaguars game at TIAA Bank Field last Sunday (November 6).

Patrick Julianelle, 35, Michael Richmond, 25, and Ethan Davies, 26, who ran on the field and allegedly filmed the stunt, appeared in court on Monday. 

During their initial court appearance, the judge remarked, “That was a foolish thing you all did yesterday.

popularmmos arrested pitch intrusion
Pat’s headshot from the recent arrest. (Source: First Coast News)

Patrick and Michael, who filmed the whole thing, were charged with criminal conspiracy and committing a breach of peace. Ethan, who made the run, was charged with criminal mischief and committing a breach of peace. Michael is also facing drug charges.

According to the Sheriff’s report, while the game was in progress, Ethan ran onto the field with a football and continued running, causing the game to come to a complete stop. Due to his intrusion, the game faced a delay of 1 minute and 42 seconds.

ASM Global staff ran onto the field and took Ethan to the ground. Their phones were also seized.

PopularMMOs Previous Arrests

The YouTuber PopluarMMOs has been arrested and charged twice before.

Last year, Pat was arrested on a domestic battery accusation, according to online records from Duval County, Florida. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department took him into custody at 11:15 p.m. on May 16, 2021.

A Police report from Heavy.com said that Pat and his girlfriend, Liz, were detained because they gave “opposing stories.”

Pat wrote to Twitter that he was subjected to “false accusations.” He wrote, “Don’t believe everything you hear. I will need to address the false accusations soon.”

He sarcastically thanked his ex-girlfriend, Eleni, for leaking his address and harassing him and Liz. “You are a terrible person,” he wrote.

Pat was eventually released on a $2,503 bond. As of May 19, 2021, Pet was listed as “out of custody.”

PopularMMOs Pat was arrested and released in May 2021. (Source: Heavy)

To make matters worse, on May 18, 2021, his ex-wife, Jen, liked a tweet that stated Pat likes to abuse women. However, she later responded, saying she liked it by accident and that Pat had never laid hands on her in their ten years together.

Similarly, on June 20, 2022, Pat was arrested for a second time for assault with a deadly weapon.

Who Is PopularMMOs? Wiki Bio

Patrick Thomas “Pat” Julianelle, better known online as PopularMMOs, is an American YouTuber. He uploads Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, and other gaming videos. He also posts vlogs.

Pat was one of the 32 YouTubers highlighted in Kris Madas’ YouTuber Intro Challenge. In 2020, he received the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite. 

He is best known for his Minecraft series like The Challenge Games and Epic Proportions. Pat also did challenges, roleplays, and humorous commentary with GamingWithJen (now ex-wife), who was featured in almost all videos.

After they split in 2019, Pat took over the channel and introduced his subscribers to his new girlfriend, Elizabeth “Liz” Heranek.

popularmmos wiki bio
PopularMMOs Pat poses for a picture with his girlfriend, Liz. (Source: Instagram)

Pat, originally from Connecticut, lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He has a pet cat named Cloud.

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PopularMMOs Family Details

Patrick, widely recognized as PopularMMOs online, is an American YouTuber renowned for his Minecraft vlogs and videos.

Despite his extensive online presence, Patrick has chosen to keep certain aspects of his personal life, such as the names of his parents, private. However, it is known that he has an older brother named Bill.

Patrick’s decision to maintain the anonymity of his parents reflects his desire to separate his public persona from his family’s privacy.

Many content creators make similar choices to protect their loved ones from the often intense public scrutiny that comes with online fame.

In addition to his older brother, Bill, little is known about Patrick’s extended family and background, aka PopularMMOs.

While fans are eager to learn more about their favorite YouTuber’s life outside Minecraft, he has maintained a level of privacy around his family, allowing him to focus on creating engaging content for his audience.

As Patrick continues to entertain and engage with his millions of subscribers, his family remains a mystery to the public, their identities tucked away from the limelight in online gaming and content creation.

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