Prashant Narula

Prashant Narula accident news has gone viral on the internet sources and if you want to know more about the tragic *****, read this article till the end.

Prashant Narula was reported to be a bike rider from India whose name has been making rounds on internet sources for the past few days.

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Narula was interested in riding bikes and his name came into the media prominence after the news related to his ***** came into the media.

The tragic news was first shared on social media and later it went viral on other platforms leaving his close ones devasted.

After the news was shared, online users began asking various questions related to this topic. So, collecting everything, the details have been shared in this writing.

Prashant Narula Accident Update

Prashant Narula accident update has left everyone shocked as it has been noted that he died after getting involved in a bike accident.

Narula was with his five friends riding bikes. Sadly, Narula and his other friend Parmit Sood lost their lives after being involved in a horrific accident.

Prashant Narula Accident
Prashant Narula was involved in an accident on Sunday. ( Source: Hindustan Times )

They were reportedly riding their BMW and Harley Davidson bikes. According to an online report, the accident happened around 9.45 am on Sunday. 

Furthermore, at least four more people were injured in the incident, as reported by the police department. The victims were part of a group that rode high-end bikes over the weekend.

Meanwhile, they were with five other friends when the accident happened. 

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Prashant Narula Died After 8 Vehicles Collide On KMP

Prashant Narula was a 44-year-old victim who lost his life after being involved in an accident on Sunday. He and his other friend Parmit Sood were killed on the KMP expressway in a vehicular pile-up.

According to a report, the pile-up was initiated by a trailer truck suddenly pressing the brakes. The driver of the trailer truck escaped the scene. An FIR has been registered against the unnamed driver.

Prashant Narula *****
Prashant Narula ***** came as a shock to everyone as he died at the age of 44. ( Source: Facebook )

At the time of the accident, Narula drove a Harley Davidson while the other victim Sood drove a BMW motorcycle. Eyewitnesses say a big traffic jam near Bilaspur happened because a trailer truck slammed on its brakes right in the middle of the road.

They mentioned that a Hyundai i20 hit the trailer truck first, then a BMW X7 crashed into the i20. After that, an open-body truck collided with the X7, which was then hit by a container truck.

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Who Was KMP Accident Victim Prashant Narula?

Prashant Narula was one of the accident victims that happened on the KMP expressway. He was 44 years old at the time of his tragic *****.

Further, Narula was a resident of North Avenue at Punjabi Bagh in west Delhi. Talking about his professional life, Narula was the director of the Narula Udyog group.

Prashant Narula Obituary
Prashant Narula obituary was shared following his ***** after an accident. ( Source: Facebook )

Not to mention, Narula Udyog Group is a firm specializing in medical devices. Furthermore, the accident news has gone viral and many people have paid tribute to the late soul.

On the other hand, the details related to Prashant’s obituary were shared. The Narual family noted that his last rites were held on December 4, 2023, and cremation happened at Punjab Bagh West.

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