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Prince Kaybee Tlof Tlof video is going viral on various social media platforms, and if you want to know more about the controversy, read this article till the end.

Kabelo Motsamai, aka Prince Kaybee, is a renowned South African musician and DJ who is widely noted for his hit projects, such as Yonkinto, Charlotte, and Friend Zone.

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Likewise, Kaybee has released multiple albums, which most of his followers love. Some of his albums include Better Days, I Am Music, Red Mike Xperience, Undercover: Electro Imprints, and After Hours: Electro Tales.

Furthermore, Kaybee has come a long way and has the right skills ad experience to meet the current entertainment needs. Meanwhile, Prince is currently in the limelight as he is linked with controversy regarding the Tlof Tlof video.

Prince Kaybee Tlof Tlof Video Goes Viral

Everyone on the internet has been searching for Prince Kaybee tlof tlof video. The private video has been making the rounds on the internet for the past few days.

It has been said that the video is between Kaybee and DJ Cyan Boujee. It all started when Cyan accused Kaybee of leaking the video.

Prince Kaybee Tlof Tlof Video
Prince Kaybee tlof tlof video went viral on various social media handles, including Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

In the viral video, DJ Cyan was seen getting involved in an intimate moment with a man whose face and name have not been confirmed.

However, Cyan has accused Kaybee of leaking the explicit video, and many online portals have also said that the video was between Kaybee and Boujee.

For the past few days, the viral video has dragged both of them into the controversy, and people have been eager to know more about the ongoing scandal.

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Prince Kaybee Controversy and Scandal Explained

As said earlier, Prince Kaybee is in the middle of a controversy, and the scandal is related to an explicit video with DJ Cyan Boujee. It has been noted that Cyan getting engaged in an explicit moment with a man has gone viral.

In the viral video, the face of Cyan can be seen easily, while the identity of the person who recorded the clip remains hidden as it was not shown in the viral tape.

Prince Kaybee Controversy
Prince Kaybee was accused by DJ Cyan Boujee of leaking their private video. ( Source: Instagram )

After the clip went viral on multiple social media handles, Cyan claimed that Kaybee was the person to share the video in the public domain.

She also hinted that the video was shot over two years ago. She wrote, “Also, keeping videos of me for two years is a crazy business.”

Following the claim, online users were waiting for a response from Kaybee.

Has Prince Kaybee Responded To The Allegations?

At the time of this post, Prince Kaybee has not responded to anything regarding the ongoing scandal. Cyan accused him of sharing the private video on the media.

After the shocking claim, many people supported Cyan, while some went on the side of Kaybee. Despite all these, Kaybee has not opened up his mouth yet.

Prince Kaybee Scandal
Cyan Boujee commented on the post of Prince Kaybee about the video. ( Source: Instagram )

It appears like Kaybee is busy with his professional life and is releasing some songs. Kaybee ignored all the rumors and allegations and released a song he promoted on his social media handles.

Kaybee told his followers he would release a song soon and posted a video. In the video, Cyan wrote, “WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME ???? FOR YOUR MUSIC PROMO ? may God bless you.” But Kaybee didn’t reply to it. 

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