Pyrawy Sivarajah

Pyrawy Sivarajah ***** news came as a shock to the world as Thigazh Melbourne’s director passed away recently. Find out more info about her obituary.

Pyrawy Sivarajah was a well-known entrepreneur, director, mental health advocate, and orthoptist. She began working as the director of Thigazh Melbourne in April 2023 and was doing pretty well.

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In addition to that, Sivarajah was also the director of Silk Walls Entertainment, and she took the role in August 2022. Between June 2022 and July 2022, she served as a Senior Orthoptist at Eye Clinic Albury Wodonga.

Furthermore, Sivarajah gained broad experience by taking various roles in different companies. She was also associated with the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) and took different positions.

Pyrawy Sivarajah ***** Cause Linked To Mental Illness

Pyrawy Sivarajah ***** was announced recently, and people are sharing their words for the late soul. Many are eager to know about the ***** cause of Pyrawy as it has not been confirmed.

However, it is noted that Sivarajah took her last breath on September 3, 2023, after a battle with an illness. Some social media posts have shown that Sivarajah has been dealing with her mental health for a long time.

Pyrawy Sivarajah *****
Pyrawy Sivarajah ***** came as a shock to her close ones. ( Source: Facebook )

Many people have paid tribute to the late soul and also talked about mental health. Kanthari Southside Club also shared the news on Instagram and used #mentalhealthawareness.

Due to that, it has been speculated that Pyrawy took his last breath after a long battle with her mental health. Further information may be updated in the future as online users have been asking various questions.

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Pyrawy Sivarajah Obituary and Funeral Details

Pyrawy Sivarajah obituary was shared following her demise on September 3, 2023. She was close to many people and was admired by many.

When the shocking announcement was made on social media, people started showering the late soul with love. Furthermore, they also shared condolence for the devasted family.

Pyrawy Sivarajah Obituary
Pyrawy Sivarajah Obituary was shared following her ***** on September 3, 2023. ( Source: Instagram )

A close person to Sivarajah shared the news on Facebook and wrote, “The worse news to hear on a Father’s Day….. lost for words….. the other day you were chatting about the coming up event…. such a talented young girl. RIP Pyrawy.”

As of now, the details regarding Sivarajah’s funeral and memorial services have not been shared, but they may be updated soon.

Pyrawy Sivarajah Health Before *****

Pyrawy Sivarajah was reportedly dealing with her mental health. As said earlier, she was a mental health advocate, and due to that, her ***** left everyone shocked.

Once, Sivarajah shared a post on her Twitter handle where she mentioned that she had Borderline personality disorder (BPD). Not to mention, BPD is a mental illness that harshly impacts a person’s ability to manage their emotions. 

Pyrawy Sivarajah Health
Pyrawy Sivarajah reportedly had BPD, and she was open about her mental health with the public. ( Source: Instagram )

This loss of emotional control can expand impulsivity, affect how an individual feels about themselves, and negatively affect their relationships with others.

On July 9, 2023, Sivarajah re-posted her status and wrote, “Not everyone can take on continuous punches that life throws at you. I’m not sure how to do this anymore, and the world doesn’t feel so nice.”

This made it clear that Pyrawy lost her life after dealing with her mental health. To the huge loss, the Genius Celebs team also pays a heartfelt condolence. 

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