Qasim Ali Shah Controversy

Following his criticism of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Qasim Ali Shah has stirred up media controversy.

Qasim Shah, a prominent educator, trainer, and self-described motivational speaker from Pakistan, has been in the news again. Still, this time it’s because of the fallout from some of his most recent comments.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, a self-styled populist Leader, sparked a new controversy surrounding the non-profit organizations run under the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. He was criticized by Shah, who was once known for cringe-inducing motivational videos.

PTI social media staffers and some senior Party leaders have bullied and ruthlessly tormented Shah. Usman Dar, the Leader of the PTI, and others were seen inciting and enticing their employees to assault Qasim Ali Shah.

Qasim Ali Shah Controversy: What Did He Say About Imran Khan?

Famous motivational speaker and educator Qasim Ali Shah poked fun at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on social media after drawing the ire of the Party for sharing his opinions on PTI Leader Imran Khan’s political narrative.

Qasim Ali Shah controversy
Twitter user’s reaction on Qasim Ali Shah’s controversy saying that he deserves a social boycott for this hypocrisy. (Source: Twitter)

When Qasim Ali Shah met the ousted premier, the whole thing began. In a viral clip of his interview, he was later heard saying that Imran Khan wants to make decisions on the Day of Judgment in the world itself.

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He experienced the worst trolling on social media due to this statement. The trolls have heard him apologize numerous times, but they still have not accepted his repentance. As a result of the trolls’ recent attacks on the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, which has received very poor reviews on Google, the foundation’s rating has fallen to one.

What Happened To Qasim Ali Shah Foundation Ratings?

In a recent development, Shah’s foundation came under Fire following the comments that sparked a frenzy and gave Twitterati a field day as they sought retaliation.

Qasim Ali Shah ratings
For Qasim Ali Shah, the anti-Imran remarks haven’t stopped shocking him as the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation receives a rating that is less than 2.0. (Source: Twitter)

A screenshot of the QAS ratings shared by verified accounts on the microblogging platform showed the rating’s precipitous decline from 4.3 to 1.1 went viral as well. Amid the bullying, Qasim Ali Shah recently shared his experience with others, revealing that his son is also the target of bullying from his classmates.

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Trolls and Imran Khan supporters are running campaigns to unsubscribe from the YouTube channel run by Qasim Ali Shah’s group in response to the mounting criticism.

Qasim Ali Shah Son Bullied After The Controversy

Motivational speaker Qasim Ali Shah claimed that his child was bullied at school due to the PTI’s online Campaign against him.

He claimed during a speech at a gathering that his son had called him to say he was being bullied because of a comment he had made about Imran Khan.

According to Qasim Shah, there is no justice in Tehreek-e-Insaf, and PTI leaders aren’t even sparing Imran Khan’s children, he claimed during a meeting of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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He posted a video of a meeting with Imran Khan, where Qasim Ali Shah can be seen expressing his desire to run for office on Twitter. Imran Khan responded positively when Shah asked him about getting a ticket for the upcoming elections, telling him that it would be up to him to decide which constituency to run in.

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