Qatar World Cup Corruption Eva Kaili Arrested

Greek Socialist MEP Eva Kaili made headlines, recently in December 2022. The European Parliament VP was accused of serious corruption charges. Is Eva Kaili Arrested, then? Let’s investigate. 

The Belgian federal prosecutor’s office filed a case against Kaili and four others in December this year for money laundering and corruption.

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The Socialist MEP allegedly had a connection with an illegal organization that involved an unidentified Gulf state.

Not only Kaili but also four other members were involved in influencing the political power and economic decisions of the EU Parliament.

Now stick with us to learn about Qatar Corruption Scandal and Eva Kaili’s arrest.

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Qatar Corruption Scandal: Is Eva Kaili Arrested?

The Greek socialist MEP Eva Kaili instantly rose to fame but for all the bad reasons. 

Kaili was detained under severe allegations of corruption and money laundering. 

The Belgium Police arrested Eva in connection with the illegal organization to influence political and economic decisions in the European Parliament. 

Eva Kaili Arrested
Deputy head of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, was arrested on corruption charges. (Source: Poland Posts English)

One of 14 European Parliament vice-presidents, Kaili, allegedly took money from an unidentified Gulf State to influence the significant strategic position and political power in the EU. 

According to the EU investigation, the unnamed Gulf nation tried to shift political power and other decisions of the parliament.  

Kaili was immediately suspended from her vice president position in the EU parliament following her arrest on Friday, 9 December this year. 

Also, the concerned authorities are investigating alleged lobbying by World Cup host Qatar. 

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Where Is Eva Kaili Now, Jail? Her Involvement In Qatar Corruption Scandal?

Yes, Greek socialist MEP Eva Kaili recently created buzz and controversies. Belgian Police arrested the EU’s Vice President in Brussels under investigation for her involvement in corruption implicating World Cup hosts Qatar.

Now, it’s hard to see if Kaili faces jail or will come clean after the investigation. 

Eva Kaili jail
Eva Kaili may face jail for her involvement with the illegal organization. (Source: Serbia Posts English)

Fifa World Cup 2022 already made controversies after the prosperous gulf nation Qatar won the hosting rights in 2010. Qatar became the first Arab state to win the World Cup bid. 

Not many were happy about Fifa’s decision, especially western nations, including European countries. 

Although it was a great pride for Qatar, the first Arab nation to host Fifa World Cup, Western nations opposed the idea. Many European countries were unsatisfied with Qatar hosting the football. 

But, Qatar ignoring its opposition, started working on hosting the World Cup and spent a whopping $220 billion for infrastructures, which is more than twice the previous 8 World Cups combined. 

Their infrastructure included a brand-new airport, hotels, and world-class stadiums.

However, the European power found ways to ban the Qatar World Cup, such as laborers working rights and others.

This time, European nations grouped against the serious corruption case involving the host country Qatar. 

Eva Kaili’s case is no different, as the investigation allegedly showed her involvement with the Gulf nation for bribery and shifting the EU’s political agendas and economic decisions. 

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