Qin Gang Scandal

Qin Gang scandal and affair: Speculation is rampant after Qin Gang was removed as a foreign minister following a month-long unexplained absence from public view.

Qin Gang is a Chinese diplomat who served as China’s foreign minister from December 2022 to July 2023.

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The politician was known for his fluent English, basketball fandom, and tough stance on issues such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and human rights.

He formerly served as China’s ambassador to the U.S. from 2015 to 2019, where he tried to improve bilateral relations amid rising tensions and trade disputes.

However, he was abruptly removed from his post as foreign minister without any official explanation, sparking rumors and speculations about his fate and the reasons behind his downfall.

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Qin Gang Scandal And Affair: Why China Fired Foreign Minister? What Happened

In a shocking and highly unprecedented reshuffle of the nation’s foreign policy leaders, China’s foreign minister Qin Gang was abruptly removed from his post on Tuesday.

Qin Gang Scandal
Qin Gang (left) has been replaced as Chinese foreign minister by his predecessor, Wang Yi. (Image Source: Aljazeera)

According to reports, Qin Gang was removed from his post due to prolonged absence without any explanations. As of this writing, no official reason has been disclosed, and the news was announced after an emergency meeting on Tuesday.

Qin Gang’s mysterious disappearance has been the subject of official silence, which has led to rumors in China and beyond.

Several searches and rumors about his abrupt firing on social media occurred on Wednesday.

Health problems, an affair with a Hong Kong TV news anchor, or being too moderate for the nationalist movement in Beijing are some of the theories surrounding the reasons for his removal.

But, the Chinese authorities haven’t acknowledged or validated these assertions.

Additionally, some observers argue that President Xi Jinping’s decision to remove him from his position as foreign minister could be viewed as a humiliating error in judgment, given that Qin had only been in that position for seven months.

As a fluent English speaker, basketball enthusiast, and former ambassador of China to Washington, Qin’s departure could have an impact on China’s foreign policy and relations with other nations, particularly the United States, reported BBC.

Beijing’s posture and approach may remain relatively the same given that Xi is expected to be followed by the foreign affairs office of the party and the foreign ministry.

Qin Gang Was Last Seen In Public On 25 June

The recently dismissed Foreign Minister Qim Gang last appeared in public on 25 June 2023.

In the 58-year-old’s last public appearance, he was spotted walking with a bright smile with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko, who was in China to meet with the country’s officials.

Qin Gang Scandal
Qin Gang was last seen with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko on 25 June 2023. (Image Source: BBC)

When Qin Gang missed a diplomatic event earlier this month, the ministry briefly cited “health reasons.”

However, that remark was not included in the official briefing transcript that the ministry eventually put online. When questioned about it, a spokesperson stated there is “no information to give.”

The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) held its annual meeting in Indonesia earlier this month, and Wang Yi was already seen stepping back into the role to attend.

Wang Yi was also seen doing so again this week in South Africa at a crucial gathering of the BRICS bloc of significant developing economies.

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