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Qistina Lim wikipedia And Age has been a topic of interest for people since Musa Hassan married her. Read on to know more.

He is a former police officer from Malaysia and was a member of the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) Board of Directors.

The identity of the retired Malaysian police officer is not included in the documents provided, although he has had a notable career in law enforcement spanning many years.

He has surely made a significant contribution to upholding peace and order in Malaysia over his 40 years of loyal service with the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

His appointment as the seventh Inspector-General of Police, which he held for an amazing four years, from September 2006 to September 2010, was one of the most significant achievements of his career.

He probably had a major influence on how the country’s law enforcement was organized, how it dealt with problems, and how it upheld the law throughout his time in office.

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Qistina Lim Wikipedia Details

Musa’s marriage to Qistina Lim in 2023 brought attention to his personal life. Qistina Lim, also known as Sarah Qistina Lim, is a multidimensional talent in the Malaysian entertainment sector.

She is well known for her work on the television shows “Go Iguanas!” (2018), “Go Iguanas! S.H.E.crets” (2019), and “Go Iguanas! Talking about Qistina Lim Wikipedia, she is not on that platform, but her husband is featured in it.

Her film “Mission Atlantis” (2020) has brought her fame and a devoted fan base. Qistina Lim exhibits impressive range and ingenuity in her work as a singer and actress.

Qistina Lim wikipedia
Qistina Lim Wikipedia and biography details can be found here. (Source: World Of Buzz)

Her acting, singing, and dancing talent demonstrates her dedication and passion for her artistic endeavors.

Similarly, her involvement in the entertainment industry enriches and enlivens the Malaysian entertainment scene.

It blends two dissimilar worlds when Musa, a reputable retired police officer, is paired with Qistina Lim, a gifted actress and singer.

Qistina Lim Age: How Old Is Musa Hassan Second Wife?

Qistina Lim age is not exactly revealed, but she might be in her late 50s currently.

According to the New Straits Times, a renowned Malaysian newspaper, Hassan, the former Inspector-General of Police, and Qistina Lim’s marriage on September 24, 2023, was a critical turning point in their lives.

Even though their marriage was publicly announced, the specifics of their relationship and how they met remain a secret, which gives their union a sense of fascination.

The couple decided to share their special day with close relatives and friends and held their wedding ceremony at a hotel in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Qistina Lim Wikipedia
We wish Qistina Lim and her husband a happy married life. (Source: Mstar)

As no further details of the ceremony were made public, this secret celebration appeared to shield their wedding from prying eyes.

Musa and Qistina’s marriage is about to start a new chapter, and people who have followed Musa’s illustrious career in law enforcement are intrigued and interested in their relationship. 

He served as the 8th Inspector-General of Police from September 2006 to September 2010 while in (USIM) from May 2020 to May 2023. 

He spent 40 years as a senior Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) officer.

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Qistina Lim Family Details

Qistina Lim, the newlywed wife of former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, remains a private figure regarding her family tree.

The couple celebrated their union at a hotel in Shah Alam, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

While Qistina has chosen to keep her family details and background out of the public eye, one thing is clear: her family has always been steadfast in her life.

Although Qistina Lim’s family remains undisclosed, their unwavering support and presence at her wedding signify their importance in her life.

Family is often the foundation of one’s values and beliefs, and it’s evident that Qistina’s family plays a significant role in her journey alongside Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

In the midst of the celebration and joy, Qistina Lim’s family remains a mystery to the public, but their closeness and support shine as a testament to the bonds that matter most in life.

As the couple embarks on this new chapter together, it’s clear that their love and the support of their families will continue to be a source of strength and happiness.

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