Quincy Brown Parents

Quincy Brown Parents have been very supportive of his acting career, as the Actor has been cast in many critically acclaimed movies.

Quincy Taylor Brown is an American Actor and singer who goes by the stage name Quincy. He appeared in the 2015 film Brotherly Love and released the song “Friends First” that same year.

Additionally, he co-starred in the musical Drama Drama Star on television.

Quincy made his acting debut in the 2012 film We the Party as Reggie. He has experimented with various occupations outside of acting and singing, including modeling and filmmaking.

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He participated in the Gaborone Fashion Weekend event in Botswana in August 2012. Quincy portrayed Jaleel in the film Dope in January 2015.

On February 19, he participated in Naomi Campbell’s Ebola awareness presentation during New York Fashion Week.

Are Quincy Brown Parents, Kim Porter And Al B., Sure?

Yes, he is the son of Kim Porter, a former model, and Al B. Sure!, a singer, songwriter, and record producer. New York City, New York, U.S.

Quincy Brown Parents
Quincy Brown with his mother, Kim Porter (source: pagesix)

Quincy’s biological Father is Albert Joseph Brown III. Albert met the young and gorgeous model Kim Porter in 1989, and Quincy Brown Parents fell in love. Kim’s pregnancy was the product of their passion. She gave birth to Quincy in 1991.

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After the couple’s split, Quincy resided with his mother. P. Diddy, her mother’s then-partner, formally adopted him when he was three. Quincy refers to both of his fathers as “my Pops” now. He knows each of them well.

Kim Porter rose to prominence after embarking on a high-profile affair with Puff Daddy, the famous rapper and music producer. 

They were together for many years and had three children, Quincy’s half-siblings. The couple divorced in 2007, but they remained friends.

Kim was born in the city of Columbus, Georgia. Her mother was a single parent. 

Ms. Porter was a well-known model and pianist. She was a member of the band “Three Brown Girls” for many years. She garnered considerable praise as an Actor, having appeared in the films “The Brothers” and “Mama I Want to Sing.”

Meet Quincy Brown Siblings And Family

Quincy and his mother were inseparably linked. He now wears a medallion with photos he speaks of his deceased grandparents and mother.

Quincy Brown Parents
Quincy Brown with his Siblings (source: pagesix)

Albert Joseph Brown IV is Quincy’s paternal half-brother. Albert Sure is the son of singer Al B. Sure. His mother’s identity has not been revealed. Albert is a performer. He goes under the stage name Lil’s.

Devin is Quincy’s younger brother, with whom he has a Father but separate mothers. Devin is an Atlanta-based hip-hop musician.

Christian Casey Combs is Quincy Brown’s younger half-brother from his mother’s side.

He has two younger half-sisters, D’Lila Star and Jessie James, who was born through his mother’s long-term relationship with P. Diddy. In “Justin Combs,” you may learn more about them and his adopted Father, P. Diddy.

After the premiere of the television series “Star,” he rose to prominence. The audition was difficult for him, and his parents’ position didn’t help. But it was his portrayal of Derek Jones that made him renowned.

What Is Quincy Brown’s Net Worth 2023?

Quincy Brown is a $4 million net-worth American Actor, entrepreneur, model, and music artist.

 His acting gigs account for most of his net worth; according to his IMDb biography, he earned his big break as “Jaleel” in the Sundance-praised film “Dope.” 

He also appeared on the famous television show “Star.” Quincy is now starring in “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” as “Crown Camacho.”

He first became public attention in 2012 when he appeared as a guest star at Gaborone Fashion Weekend. He walked on the runway and participated in photo shoots.

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