RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart wife

Get to know RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart wife, LaShondra Lias Lockhart, with whom she has been together since 2015.

RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart is a versatile individual known for being a fashionista, business owner, author, philanthropist, and TikTok sensation.

Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through as the co-owner of Jumping the Broom Bridal Studio, Kentucky’s only black-owned bridal store.

In 2019, she captured hearts with her book, “For Someone Before Bed,” filled with words of encouragement to cherish at the close of each day.

While her professional life has garnered significant attention, let’s delve into the captivating story of her personal life.

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Meet RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart Wife LaShondra Lias Lockhart – Relationship Timeline

RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart is happily married to her beloved wife, LaShondra Lias Lockhart. The lovely duo have been together for nearly a decade.

The smitten pair’s love story began in 2015 when they were introduced by a mutual friend. Might it be that it was a love at first sight for them?

RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart wife
RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart and her wife, LaShondra Lias Lockhart, have been together for nearly a decade. (Image Source: Instagram)

The spark between them grew into a deep connection, leading to their beautiful wedding ceremony in 2017, a momentous occasion featured on the popular TV show “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Since tying the knot in the beautiful ceremony, the married duo have been merrily together. In addition, they are also doting moms to their five children.

Their journey as a couple has not been without its share of challenges. Raeshanda and Lashondra have faced adversity in the form of homophobia, racism, and bullying.

Additionally, they grappled with financial difficulties and even homelessness at one point. However, their unshakable faith, unwavering love, and remarkable resilience allowed them to surmount these obstacles.

Their relationship is a testament to the strength of love. Together, they offer unwavering support to each other, evident in their joint appearances on RaeShanda’s TikTok videos.

Their TikTok presence has garnered millions of followers who appreciate the couple’s life lessons, fashion insights, and humor.

Beyond the digital realm, RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart wife and she operate a thriving clothing and accessories boutique named “All is Fair in Love and Fashion,” nestled in Louisville, Kentucky.

RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart Divorce Story – Was Married To A Man

Before marrying Lashondra, RaeShandra had experienced a different chapter in her life.

The TikTok star was previously married to a man and shares four children from that marriage.

RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart wife
RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart was formerly married to a man and had four children. (Image Source: Instagram)

The identity of RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart’s ex-husband is unknown, as she has not shared much about it.

But, her previous marriage was a journey of self-discovery that eventually led her to realize her true sexuality and ultimately resulted in a divorce.

Similarly, RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart wife, Lashondra, the beloved wife of the TikTok star, has one child from a previous relationship. The identity of LaShondra’s previous partner is also a well-guarded secret.

This unique blend of backgrounds and family dynamics has resulted in a beautifully diverse and supportive family unit. Their five children stand as a testament to the love and acceptance that define their household.

In conclusion, the story of Raeshanda and her wife, Lashondra, is a testament to love’s enduring strength.

Their journey, marked by love, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges, is an inspiration to many.

Through their business ventures, social media presence, and blended family, they continue to inspire countless individuals, reminding us all that love knows no boundaries.

We hope the loving couple will continue to lead a happy and healthy life and inspire more people in the coming days.

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