Rafaela Mandelli

Rafaela Mandelli is a famous personality whose search is frequent among her fan base, who keeps an eye on her personal aspects. She has a beautiful daughter named Marcelo Serrado.

Fully known as Rafaela Storni Mandelli, she is a well-known Actress from Brasil whose prominence was raised with appearing as Fernanda Lemos (Nanda), the lead role in the eighth season of the teen series Malhacao in 2001.

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She began her career steps in 1999 through small theatre works and slowly gained her position on-screen, giving her numerous portrayals. With her adaptation in the industry, she established herself as a professional Actress.

With her increasing noterioty, people search Rafaela’s aspects to know her in detail despite her emerging professional whereabouts. Let’s know about her family.

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Rafaela Mandelli Family: Know About Her Daughter

Rafaela Mandelli is the mother of her daughter, Catarina Mandelli Serrado, whom she gained with her ex-husband Marcelo Serrado.

She was born in 2005 and is currently around 19 years old.

Beautiful Actress Rafaela Mandelli is silent on her details about her daughter concerning her privacy
Beautiful Actress Rafaela Mandelli is silent on the details about her daughter concerning her privacy (Source- Revista Ana Maria)

Her daughter’s detailed information is publically unknown as the Actress has not shared much about her, which has hindered her fans from knowing the bond between mother and daughter.

As she is a celebrity daughter, many people seek to learn about her, but she may have tried to remain out of the spotlight concerning privacy. Her professional whereabouts are also unknown.

Rafaela Mandelli Was Once Married To Her Ex-Husband Marcelo Serrado

Rafaela Mandelli was once married to a famous Actor, Marcelo Serrado, who is currently her ex-husband. Besides acting, he is also a talented author, producer, and director.

The duo was married in 2003 but did not see long years together & they ended their relationship in 2005 when their daughter was born. After their separation, they moved on with different partners.

Concerning his profession and prominence, he started his career in 1983, and his divergent talent has made the duo a former celebrity couple. After being fan favorites, their split reasons are highly searched and asked.

As the duo has already moved on with their respective partners and family, they are not spotted together; it seems they do not hold much contact.

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Beautiful Actress Rafaela Mandelli is the famous actress whose worth is millions and is the recepient of numerous accolades
Beautiful Actress Rafaela Mandelli is the famous Actress whose worth is millions, and she is the recipient of numerous accolades (Source- Noticiasdetv)

Rafaela Mandelli Net Worth As Of 2024

According to the All Famous Birthday, Rafaela Mandelli holds an estimated net worth of around 5 million dollars as of 2024. Her earning sources come from her acting on vast platforms.

Besides, she may earn a whopping amount from her endorsements, advertisements, and modeling after being a famous face in the entertainment industry, as she holds a huge fan base globally.

When she initially started her career, she approached her earning and passion through small theatre performances but gradually pushed her ability to appear on screen with time gaining significant roles.

She is actively working in the industry and often appears in prominent roles. Even though she has not disclosed her salary details, Mandelli’s fame is worth the millions.

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