Raheem Sterling Family Matter

Raheem Sterling Family Matter has managed to isolate the England superstar from participating in the game vs. Senegal. 

As the World Cup nears its conclusion, every team hopes to have all its best players at the top of their game.

England, however, was given a minor blow as Raheem Sterling Family Matter managed to take the star striker away from them for at least a game. 

However, despite the absence of Raheem, England managed to comfortably get past Senegal, which just goes on to express the depth of the squad. 

As years go on, England’s young generation’s search for a crowning trophy continues as people demand the team to come back with awards every time they set out to compete. 

This time, their chances seem higher than usual, as all of their players are in stellar form.

They would hope to get the services of Sterling back as soon as possible, as he is one of the players who can make things happen in the attack for the three lions. 

He was starting every game on the front three, partnered by Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka, but Raheem Sterling’s’s Family Matter made the young striker leave the squad to attend to his family duties. 

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Raheem Sterling Family Matter: Was The Footballer Robbed?

The superstar for England was prevented from playing against Senegal by the Raheem Sterling Family Matter.

Raheem Sterling of England returns from Qatar after robbers enter the family’s home and take “a lot of goods.”

It is now known that Sterling’s exclusion from the round of 16 games was caused by a “distressing” break-in, contrary to what team managers initially claimed.

Raheem Sterling has returned from the World Cup in Qatar after his Surrey House was broken into and several valuables, including jewelry and watches, were stolen.

Raheem Sterling
Despite the scare, Raheem Sterling’s family is safe. (Source: Amomama)

Sterling’s family was not present at the time of the incident, despite the initial claim that they were, and the footballer wanted to go back as soon as he learned about it.

His family had found the break-in after arriving home from a “foreign excursion,” according to a Monday afternoon statement from Surrey Police.

It further stated that no witness testimony had been provided to support prior reports that the burglars were armed.

According to a source close to the Chelsea player, Rob Harris of Sky News’ sports department, Sterling was “shaken” and “concerned for the welfare of his children.”

Will Raheem Sterling Return To Qatar?

Raheem Sterling has stated that he won’t travel back to Qatar to join the England World Cup team in 2022 unless he knows his family is secure following an armed home invasion.

Sterling left Qatar after missing Sunday’s round of 16 matches between England and Senegal, which England won 3-0.

We’ll have to wait and see, the coach Gareth Southgate said. It is apparent that his family is his top concern at the moment, and we will support that.”

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The Chelsea star is right now helping the Surrey Police catch the criminals.

Raheem won’t be returning to England, according to The Sun on Monday. Sterling declared, “There is no way I am going anyplace unless I am confident that my family can be kept secure.

Raheem sterling.
November 25, 2022, at the Al-Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, north of Doha, during England vs. USA World Cup Group B football match, forward #10 Raheem Sterling of England shakes hands with England coach #00 Gareth Southgate as he exits the field. (Source: Getty Images)

Many England players expressed fear for the safety of their families after the heist at Sterling’s home and sought security covering at their homes during the World Cup.

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