Raila Odinga Accident

Raila Odinga survived a helicopter accident in 2021 after the helicopter crashed shortly after dropping him off at his destination in Siaya County.

Raila Odinga is a prominent Kenyan politician who has been in the public eye for decades. He is known for his leadership role in the opposition Party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). 

Odinga has been an essential figure in Kenyan politics for many years. Since his first election to parliament in 1992, he has held multiple ministerial positions within the Kenyan government.

Recently, news of a car accident involving Raila Odinga has been circulating on social media platforms. This has caused widespread panic and confusion among his supporters, eager to know if he is alive or dead. 

This article will examine the facts surrounding the Raila Odinga accident and clarify the confusion.

Raila Odinga Accident: Is ODM Leader Dead Or Alive? 

The rumors of Raila Odinga’s death began to spread on social media platforms after a fake news report claimed that he had died in a car accident

The statement posted on Facebook, which alleges that the ex-Prime Minister Raila Odinga passed away in a car accident on Mombasa Road, is not true. (Source: pesacheck.org)

This caused a stir among his supporters, who were worried about his well-being. However, the news report was quickly debunked, and Raila Odinga himself took to social media to reassure his followers that he was alive and doing well.

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In reality, Raila Odinga was involved in a helicopter accident in 2021. The helicopter crashed shortly after dropping him off at his destination.

Fortunately, Raila Odinga and the other helicopter passengers survived the accident with minor injuries.

What Happened During The Helicopter Accident?

A Bell 407 helicopter with registration number 5Y-PSM was used to transport ODM Leader Raila Odinga and his entourage of four to Siaya County. 

Captain Julius Mwambanga from Pieniel Air, who transported the ODM leader, reported the incident. (Source: thecitizen.co.tz)

The purpose of the visit was for President Uhuru Kenyatta to launch some development projects. After dropping off Mr. Odinga and his entourage at Kudho Primary School in Usenge village, the helicopter attempted to lift off to make space for other planes.

However, the helicopter crashed during the lift-off, marking a lucky escape for Mr. Odinga and his team. The incident occurred at 4.30 pm, and it is unclear what caused the crash. Fortunately, Mr. Odinga and his entourage escaped with minor injuries.

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The helicopter accident that Mr. Odinga and his entourage were involved in is a concerning incident that could have had more serious consequences. 

Raila Odinga Death News Gone Viral

The news of Raila Odinga’s alleged death news spread quickly on social media platforms.

Many people shared the fake news report without verifying its authenticity, leading to panic and confusion. The false news report claimed that Raila Odinga had died in a car accident while traveling to Kisumu from Nairobi.

The report was quickly debunked by fact-checking websites such as PesaCheck and Snopes. The Kenyan media also reported that the news of Raila Odinga’s death was fake.

Unfortunately, by the time the truth was revealed, the false news report had already caused significant harm, spreading rapidly across various media platforms.

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The incident is a clear example of the risks posed by the spread of fake news on social media platforms and how easily it can gain traction.

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