Asad Khan Parents

The news about Asad Khan has been trending since his girlfriend was arrested on December 12, 2022. After the announcement, many people have been curious to learn about Asad Khan Parents. 

Asad Khan is still in critical condition after being in a coma for some time, and his girlfriend, Maxine Wahome, assaulted him.

There have been many rumors going on after news about the driver was going on social media after the blogger Cyprian Nyakundi and others shared the information.

People are eager to get to know the recent update about the case; continue reading further, and you will get to know everything about the incident.

Is Maxine Wahome Boyfriend Dead?

No, the boyfriend of Maxine Wahome is still alive, and his treatment has been going on in the Avenue hospital.

Before sifting him in Avenue, he was rushed to Nairobi Hospital after the incident. 

Khan was assaulted by his girlfriend at his apartment; the couple had been living together for a long time. 

Asad Khan was assaulted after lover Maxine Wahome came from party.
Asad Khan was assaulted after his lover, Maxine Wahome, came from Party. (Image Source: Daily Nation)

After Khan’s brother, Adila Khan, reported the incident, his girlfriend Wahome was arrested on December 12 at her apartment in Kilimani.

But she has been released on a KSh.100,000 cash bail, which is very unfair for the victim, as he needs justice.

The rumor about his death was trending after he was reported to be in a coma, but his parents revealed that he was still alive and fighting for his life.

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Rally Driver Asad Khan Parents: Where Are They From?

Rally driver’s parents have appeared in the hospital for blood donation to treat his child. Everyone has been there for him at the hospital.

His family revealed that he needs 5 pints of blood group A+ or O+ for his treatment. So, many of them came for the driver and donated the amount needed for his cure.

Family of Rally Driver Assaulted by Girlfriend Appeals for Blood Donation.
Family of Rally Driver Assaulted by Girlfriend Appeals for Blood Donation. (Image Source: Tuko)

After getting blood donations from many people, his parents state a statement by thanking everyone who helped with his treatment.

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Also, his parents have been confirming his news about believing he is alive, but many of them have made a rumor about his death. So, they have warned people not to make such rumors.

No family can handle the death of their loved one, and they might be someone’s son, brother, or Father. 

So, supporting his family, we shouldn’t follow the rumor or make out; it will be a cruel decision.

Police asked the court to hang on the suspect for 14 days following the investigation, but she has just been released. 

But his family, his brother, said that they would fight for his justice. Hopefully, the person who did wrong to him will soon get arrested and charged as a punishment.

Further investigation is still ongoing; per the court document, one of the windows was broken, including two-door pane glasses.

The victim probably struggled a lot while the incident was happening; it is a complicated thing to do the someone, which almost cost them his life.

Hopefully, after the arrest, we will also get to know more. 

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