Ramón Tamames Esposa

Renowned politician Ramón Tamames shares a blissful marital life with his wife, Carmen Prieto-Castro. The couple has been together for over six decades. In addition, they are also parents of three kids and grandparents of five.

Ramon Tamames is a Spanish economist, politician, and historian.

The historian made public that he would be willing to lead a motion of no confidence against the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez (candidate by Vox), on 3 February 2023.

On 22 February, the Party announced that Tamames would be the candidate for the said motion of censure, which will be held in late March.

Many were taken aback by the news – because he was known as a Ramón, a faithful communist – something opposite to the ideas raised by Santiago Abascal and his team.

Following these incidents, there has been significant curiosity surrounding the economist’s personal life. In today’s piece, learn more about the economist’s wife and marital life.

Who Is Ramón Tamames Esposa Carmen Prieto-Castro? Meet His Hijos Alicia, Laura And Moncho

Carmen Prieto-Castro is the wife of Ramon Tamames. The couple met while pursuing their bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 1960.

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Carmen Prieto-Castro is the daughter of Leonardo Prieto-Caster and Ferrrandiz. Ramon Tamames’ father-in-law is a prominent jurist and professor of procedural Law.

Ramón Tamames Esposa
Ramón Tamames’ wife hails from a family of law professionals. (Image Source: Vozpopuli)

Carmen Prieto-Castro is the only love of the historian’s life. The couple has been together for over six decades. They reside near Bernabeu stadium in an attic.

The married duo is the doting parents to their three children – Alicia (born in 1961), Laura (born in 1962), and Ramon (born in 1968) – also known as Moncho.

The Mamames-Castro couple’s kids have grown up and lead their lives independently. The economist is also a grandfather to his five grandchildren.

Ramon and his spouse renewed their vows in 1990. Moreover, apart from sharing their marital life, the lovebirds have also won a real estate business and are co-authors of the book “Introduction to the Spanish Constitution,” published in the 1980s.

Ramón Tamames And Ava Gardner Friendship

Ramón Tamames and Ava Gardner had been friends for a few decades.

According to his memoirs, three women have defined Ramon Tamames’ personal life – his mother’s suicide, his friendship with Actress Ava Gardner and his only love of life, Carmen Prieto-Castro.

One of the rumors that have always surrounded him in his personal life is his friendship with the late Actress. Ramón met the Actress when he was a teenager.

It was revealed that Gardner’s then-lover Luis Miguel Dominguin, a bullfighter, was treated by Tamames’ Father.

The right-hander called Miguel and his three elder children (including Ramon) to dinner so that Gardner could be introduced to the doctor and her good friend, who were awestruck by her beauty upon meeting her.

Ramón Tamames esposa
Ramón Tamames and Actress Ava Gardner had a great friendship. (Image Source: El Debate)

Ramón Tamames Parents And Siblings

Ramon Tamames was born on 01 November 1933. The 90-year-old politician was born in the bosom of a middle-class family.

His Father, Manuel Tamames, was a doctor of medicine and surgery and a professor of Anatomy. His mother, Carmen Gomez, cared for him and his four siblings.

The historian would have remembered his childhood as a time filled with beautiful and joyful moments if not for a traumatic incident that turned his life upside down.

His mother died of suicide when he was still young. He has undoubtedly carried that absence through the years.

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