Rana Sanaullah Leaked Video

Rana Sanaullah Leaked video went viral on Twitter. Hareem Shah tells Rana Sanaullah that she will leak his footage if the internet is not restored.

Hareem Shah has made news yet again for all the wrong reasons, this time calling out the country’s interior minister as the country faced a mobile internet outage.

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As Internet connections were stopped across the country following further demonstrations over the detention of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, individuals from all walks of life urged incumbent authorities to lift the ban, and the latest to join is Hareem Shah, but she took a different approach.

In a series of tweets, the digital content producer vented his rage against PML-N stalwart and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, asking that mobile internet connections be restored.

Let’s get into the article to learn more about Rana Sanaullah Leaked Video, which is viral on Twitter.

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Rana Sanaullah Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

Rana Sanaullah Leaked Video has been a topic of controversy all over the internet.

Shah, 31, said that if the government did not restore the internet within the specified deadline, she would expose Rana Sanaullah’s videos without specifying which recordings she was referring to.

Her tweet caused extensive controversy, as netizens were intrigued by the supposed footage, while others dismissed it as a marketing scam.

Rana Sanaullah Leaked Video
Rana Sanaullah Leaked Video has been a topic of interest for netizens. (Source: The Odd Onee)

While many remained suspicious of Hareem’s recent threat, other users hope they could see Sanaullah’s video now that the government has ruled out the lifting of the internet block.

Meanwhile, neither Rana Sanaullah nor any other government official has commented on Hareem’s video.

Hareem Shah is renowned as a troublemaker since she leaked multiple footages of her former acquaintances.

She even became a victim of a video leak and blamed it on pals she had lived with for a time.

Scandal And Controversy Explained

However, the famed TikTok singer is no stranger to controversy, having previously been in the spotlight.

One of the most recent was when her films were shared on social media. The event prompted extensive debate and criticism on social media sites.

She accused her pals of unethical behavior and threatened them with legal action. Similarly, in 2019, a video of Hareem with Sheikh Rasheed became viral on social media.

Rana Sanaullah Leaked Video
Hareem Shah, a TikTok star, accuses Sheikh Rashid of delivering her ‘indecent’ videos. (Source: Daily Pakistan)

The TikTok celebrity eventually erased the popular video, instead attempting to disown it by recording a statement on her account stating that she did not intend to defame anyone.

As a result, Hareem made a prank call to Sheikh Rasheed on an episode of TBH with Tabish Hashmi a few years later.

A preview from the program shows the social media celebrity, at the audience’s request, phoning Sheikh Rasheed.

When Sheikh Rasheed responds, he requests that Hareem call back later. On the other hand, Hareem insists on speaking with him right away, prompting a harsh response from the politician.

Sheikh Rasheed instructs her to shut up before hanging up, which causes the crowd and emcee Tabish Hashmi to chuckle.

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