Randy Jones Arrest

Readers can observe several headlines around Randy Jones’s Arrest after his accusation of ******** an off-duty NYPD officer over the weekend. Check out more details via this article. 

Yet again, Brooklyn witnessed the heinous crime ******** on February 4, 2023, for which suspect Police took Randy Jones into custody for allegedly killing off duty officer.

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The 38 years old Randy Jones was suspected of ******** an officer in the head and faced charges with ****** and attempted robbery.

During an attempted robbery in Brooklyn, an off-duty NYPD officer named Adeed Fayaz got victimized and lost his life.

Is Randy Jones Arrested For ******** NYPD Cop?

According to ABC news, authorities announced the suspect’s arrest in the ******** after the officer’s *****.

The NYPD announced the officer’s ***** on February 7, 2023. For further autopsy, the body of Officer Adeed Fayaz was moved from Brookdale Hospital to the medical examiner on the same night.

The incident unfolded around 7 pm when the gunman shot and critically wounded Officer Fayaz while executing a robbery on Ruby Street near Linden Boulevard in East New York.

The officer went with his brother-in-law to buy a car from Facebook Marketplace.

Randy Jones Arrest
Randy Jones was arrested in Rockland County for allegedly killing an off-duty officer(Source: NY Post)

According to Essig, Adeez and his brother-in-law met the Culprit carrying a gun. After receiving a negative response, the Culprit allegedly grabbed the officer in a headlock, pointed a gun at him and demanded money.

Although the officer broke free and Randy shot him in the head, the officer’s brother-in-law took a gun from Fayaz’s holster and returned Fire before Randy fled in a 2011 BMW.

Where Is Randy Jones Jail or Prison?

Records show Randy was taken into custody on February 7 at the Days Inn hotel in Nanuet, where he had been hiding with a female companion.

The suspect was taken to the 75th Precinct and might charge with attempted ****** of the officer.

Authorities claim that Randy was apprehended in a Days Inn in Rockland County after allegedly fleeing a failed robbery in Brooklyn on February 7 with his girlfriend and five young children.

Randy had at least three prior arrests, one of which was for strangling in 2014, before this ******** case.

In addition, he is speculated to be part of a two-person stick-up crew linked to at least three robberies in the area.

 According to Police sources, one of his prior robberies utilized the Facebook Marketplace scam, like the one involved in the ******** of an off-duty officer who had answered an ad trying to buy a used car.

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What happened To Officer Adeed Fayaz?

Officer Added Fayaz has been with force since 2017, serving the 66th Precinct in Borough Park.

Adeed Fayaz was a five-year veteran of the force, married with two children from Deer Park, Long Island.

Randy Jones Arrest
YPD cop Adeed Fayaz, 26, a married father of two, was critically wounded while off-duty after responding to a Facebook Marketplace (Source: NY Post)

The officer remained on life support at Brookdale Hospital, but NYPD confirmed his ***** on February 7, 2023.

The officer’s family and dozens of Police officers gathered outside a Brooklyn hospital on Tuesday (February 7) as his body was loaded into an ambulance and driven away in a procession.

The incident occurred while the officer and relatives went to buy a car for $24,000, where the Culprit put a headlock and demanded the money.

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