Raphael Warnock Parents

After the result of Georgia, Senate election results have been out. People are more curious to learn about Raphael Warnock’s parents. 

Warnock was Democrats elected to the U.S. Senate from Georgia in 2000, and he was the first African American to represent Georgia in the Senate back then.

In reelection, which was no November 2022, Warnock again won, defeating Republican Herschel Walker.

The voting result just came out on December 7, 2022, and he won with 1,617,035 votes. 

Since the news came out, people have been curious to learn more about him, and this article is here for you to provide anything you need to know about the Warnock family.

Who Are Jonathan Warnock And Verlene Warnock? Raphael Warnock Parents

Jonathan Warnock and Verlene Warnock are the parents of Raphael Warnock, who was born on July 23, 1969. 

Warnock is the eleventh of his parents’ twelve children and was born in a Pentecostal pastor’s family.

Jonathan and Valence are both Pentecostal pastors; his mother became a Pentecostal pastor during her teenage years, whereas his Father was since birth.

Raphael Warnock with his parents while he graduated from Columbia University.
Raphael Warnock with his parents while he graduated from Columbia University. (Image Source: CNN)

Jonathan Warnock served in the U.S. Army back in World War II; while serving in Army, he learned automobile mechanics and welding.

So, after retiring from his job in Army, he opened a car restoration business in his hometown where he restored junked cars for resale.

His Father shared a great relationship with Raphael, but he was out most of the time because of his job.

Verlene, a politician’s mother, worked part-time to look after her children; she had twelve children with her when Jonathan was out in World War II.

Warnock’s parents always supported him with his career path, and he mostly shared a good relationship with his mother.

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Raphael Warnock Family Details: Meet His Wife and Kids

Raphael Warnock had a family of his own and was a married man. But he got divorced in 2020.

Warnock married Oulèye Ndoye in February 2016, and they had a private Party, including their loved ones only.

The couple was in a relationship before getting married; they seem to share a great relationship. But unfortunately, the news about their separation came to the public on November 2019.

They divorced finalized in 2022, and they have not seen together. But the couple shares two children.

Chloe Warnock and Caleb Warnock are two children of Raphael Warnock and his ex-wife Oulèye Ndoye.

Meet Raphael Warnock Kids, Chloe and Caleb
Meet Raphael Warnock’s Kids, Chloe and Caleb. (Image Source: Washington Times)

After getting divorced for some time, his ex-wife mentioned the court to modify their child custody agreement; she wants additional time with her children, she said.

But the custody agreement was dismissed, and the couple has been co-pareting them together.

Raphael Warnock Net Worth And Salary

People have always been curious to know famous personalities’ net worth and salaries. As per the Sources, the net worth of an American pastor and politician is $800,000. 

Warnock has served for 16 years as the pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Warnock receives $164,816 for his Senate and $120,965 for his work as a pastor, which is a significant amount.

Additionally, he has just won the general election U.S. Senate from Georgia. So, his net worth will probably increase next year.

Warnock’s primary source of income is from his career as a politician, he always wished to start his career as a politician, and he has been fulfilling his dream.

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