Marco Renna

Marco Renna is an actor who rose to fame from his upcoming movies Autumn Beat.

Marco made his debut in the movie “Autumn Beat” which will be released on Amazon Prime on November 22. He is a rising star who loves to play football but also desires to act.

Rapper Marco Renna plays the role of Pako in the rap Drama Autumn Beat, which focuses on two brothers trying to break into the rap music industry.

He had always wanted to be an artist, and his first film helped him gain fame.

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How Old Is Rapper Marco Renna From Autumn Beat?

According to IMDB, Marco Renna is 13 years, was born on April 28, 2009, in Bamako, Mali. The rapper Marco took classes and private training at a nearby theater school.

In the Amazon Original Film “Autumn Beat,” Marco made his acting debut as Paco, who was “young.”

Marco Renna
The Autumn Beat trailer will be out now (Source: Quotidiano Nazionale)

In November 2011, Marco moved to Berlin, significantly impacting the sound we hear in his later productions.

The rapper made his debut on September 29, 2012, at Time Warp Italy, one of the most critical events in the global Techno scene.

With the top DJs in the world’s nightlife scene supporting and playing his music, Marco is regarded as one of Italy’s most important musical talents. He effectively establishes himself in the world market.

With the help of his music and art, Marco creates a brand-new idea for an event that carefully examines the identity of modern nightclubs.

He also expands the range of his musical vision to include artistic and cultural concerns.

Rapper Marco Renna Family

The rapper Marco was born in Milan after being adopted by an Italian family when he was two. He was born in Bamako, Mali. Unfortunately, there is no information in public regarding his parents.

However, in the movie, Mohamed Diallo plays the character of his brother Tito. To succeed in the rap music industry, Tito and Paco, brothers, share a common goal.

Though Paco is a great performer and Tito is a gifted storyteller, their relationship will be tested by ambition, life, and their shared love for the same lady.

Even though he is constantly engaged with work and other things, he is working toward his desired objectives through his acting profession.

Like his parents, the Italian family that adopted him was one of his biggest supporters. But we need to find information about his siblings and other family members.

Net Worth Of Rapper Renna

Rapper Renna has just revealed his career earnings, so we do not have reliable information about his net worth.

His net worth might be $100k- $1 million in the present day. He will earn more in the upcoming days from his successful career.

Marco Renna
Autumn Beat will be airing in Amazon Prime video. (Source: Indiana Production)

Sources need to cover Renna’s net worth; thus, the information may need to be more accurate. He hasn’t, though, made any personal or financial details publicly available.

He made his film debut in 2022 in the movie “Autumn Beat,” from which he will gain recognition. Also, he started his career quite early as an Actor, which helped him to increase his net worth in the coming days.

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