Rapper Nafe Smallz Arrested

Was Rapper Nafe Smallz arrested? Rapper Nafe Smallz was reportedly detained at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of possessing a firearm.

Rapper, singer, and songwriter Nathan Adams, also known as Nafe Smallz, was born in Luton, Bedfordshire, on July 16, 1996. 

He completely dominated the UK trap scene with the “What Do You Mean” song on Link Up TV. 

Also, he is a member of OZONE Music and has put out mixtapes, including Goat World and Cinema Music. He has collaborated with musicians like D-Block Europe, Chip, and M Huncho.

Let’s dive deep to know why was Rapper Nafe Smallz arrested and other details regarding him. 

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Rapper Nafe Smallz Arrested On Suspicion of Possession of Firearm

Was Rapper Nafe Smallz arrested? Nafe Smallz was detained at London Heathrow for allegedly having a firearm.

While Luton’s Smallz has a higher-pitched flow, Huncho, a north London native who is never seen without a mask to conceal his identity, produces full-bodied vocal tones. 

The two voices are seamlessly transitioned in DNA, fitting together like a puzzle. Both rap gracefully throughout. 

On Changed, Huncho shows off his vocal agility by accelerating his flow before expanding it in one fluid movement to a more pleasant manner.

For the past few years, Huncho and Nafe Smallz have traveled the British rap scene as solo artists, collaborating with notable musicians like Skepta and Headie One and occasionally teaming up.

Rapper Nafe Smallz Arrested
Rapper Nafe Smallz Arrested. (Source: Booking Agent Info)

For the past few years, M Huncho and Nafe Smallz have traveled the British rap scene as solo artists, collaborating with notable musicians like Skepta and Headie One and occasionally teaming up. 

Young Adz and Yxng Bane only make a few brief appearances on their joint debut album, DNA (an acronym for “Da New Age,” which is stronger as a result), which fully utilizes the chemistry these two frequent collaborators have already demonstrated in briefer bursts. 

They use studio tricks like Auto-Tune, echo, and other studio tricks to create soulful, bionic trap rap songs that are as beautiful as rain-soaked metropolitan landscapes lit by streetlights.

Other Details of Rapper Nafe Smallz

Nafe has not provided any information regarding his father. Also, no information can shed light on his mother. 

Nobody is aware of Nafe’s family situation. Nothing about his marital status or children has been made public.

His collaboration with Young Delz on the mixtape “New Year’s Eve Special” is one of his most well-known.

He is frequently likened to UK rapper Akala, who has established himself as one of the hottest rap acts in his nation.

The single “Gucci” video debuted on Complex before to the release of his new album “Cinema Music.” He has produced a total of four videos for the collection’s songs.

Rapper Nafe Smallz Arrested
M Huncho and Nafe Smallz DNA review – dextrous chemistry deflated by familiar lyrical concerns. (Source: The Guardian)

He once served as the opening act for Smoke Dawg and Skepta’s concerts.

Rapper from the UK who has released the mixtapes Ozone Music and Project O. His most popular song, “#LiveWhatYourDream,” became a viral sensation. 

He made plans to return to the studio in 2017. He published a project titled ‘Legacy’ in 2022. The first mixtape he created was Ozone Music. In August 2014, Link Up TV published it.

He worked with Young Delz to create the New Year’s Eve Special mixtape. In 2021, he went to Dubai. He is an Englishman from Luton. Nathan Adams is his real name. Like Akala, he rose to stardom as a British rapper.

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