Raquel Bigorra brother Antonio Bigorra Perez

Fans have been curious about Raquel Bigorra’s brother since she entered the reality show The House of Famous Mexico. Unfortunately, the TV presenter got eliminated this Sunday.

Raquel Bigorra is a model, actress and television host. She moved to Mexico from Havana, Cuba, to study at the Centre for Artistic Education in Television.

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Raquel started her career in 1996 as the presenter for the music video channel Ritmosan. Since then, she has hosted several programs like Echoes of Fashion in an international eco chain.

Currently, she appears as one of the contestants for The House of Famous Mexico, which has become one of the exciting shows for the Mexican public and beyond.

Sadly, the famous tv show host got eliminated due to a lack of sufficient votes. She is the fourth participant who got out and will no longer be racing to win four million Mexican pesos.

Meet Raquel Bigorra Brother, Antonio Bigorra Pérez

The House of Famous Mexico star Raquel Bigorra has a brother, Antonio Bigorra Perez.

She spent her childhood with her dear sibling and sometimes reminisced about their good moments.

Only a few details have been shared regarding the Cuban Actress’s brother, but if rumors were to be believed, he works as an insurance manager for a company in Miami.

Without in-depth information, making speculations about someone would not be correct.

Despite having a famous sister who is often in television and news, Antonio has lived a secret life away from the limelight.

Raquel Bigorra Brother: Antonio Bigorra Perez
Raquel’s brother is a private person and does not share his pictures on social networking sites (Source: puroshow)

After going through Rachel Bigorra’s official Instagram handle, we can see her mostly sharing beautiful glimpses with her husband and daughter.

Turns out, Rachel Bigorra’s brother Antonio Bigorra Perez is not a fan of social media, as we could not find him on Instagram. Fair to say not everyone likes to be famous.

We can only assume, like most siblings, Raquel and Antonio also share a great bond, and hopefully, we will see them together in her TV shows in the future.

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Raquel Bigorra Parents: Father Antonio Bigorra and Mother Rebecca Perez 

The Cuban actress was born to Mr. Antonio Bigorra and Mrs. Rebecca Perez.

Moreover, Raquel’s parents have maintained a safe distance from the media, like her brother.

Raquel is hardly seen talking about her parents as she might be respecting their privacy.

However, she has shared a picture on Instagram with her parents and sibling.

Raquel Bigorra brother: Antonio Bigorra Perez
Raquel Bigorra was seen celebrating her birthday with her brother and parents (Source: Instagram)

In the photo, she was seen celebrating her birthday and wrote how grateful she was for their presence on a particular day.

Though not much has been shared about Raquel’s parents, looking at her successful career, we assume they have always been her pillar of support.

Raqueel Bigorra La Casa de los Famosos México Controversy

Being a television personality comes with pros and cons. The perks are you get to enjoy fame and glamour. The downside is you often get yourself surrounded by controversy.

Rachel has been accused of sharing personal details about her friends from the television fraternity and using them to her advantage. She, however, denied all the rumors.

In 2019, the actress was accused by Daniel Bisogno, co-presenter and ex-best friend, of passing his personal information to the media and exposing his homosexuality.

The Cuban beauty is currently in the news after her appearance in La Casa de los Famosos México ( The House of Famous Mexico).

Raquel was accused of bribing the friends and followers of Wendy Guevara, who is a fellow contestant on the show.

It all started during a live broadcast, where Wendy’s friend Kimberly, Evelin and Paola asked their fans to support Raquel and not to endorse Sergio Mayer, who is closest to Wendy in the reality show.

Raquel Bigorra’s professional life sometimes seems messy, thanks to her family members, who constantly support her. Hoping to see more of Rachel in the coming days.

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