20 Rare Video Game Consoles of all time!!!

For beginners: If you don’t know what a video game console is and those old Nintendo consoles?

It is a tool that builds an environment for players to interact with the game by giving input through the controller & hence providing output through visual monitors.

A TV remote is the first video game console ever designed.

Ralph H. Baer came up with the idea of playing any simple 1 player sports game.

This later on extended on becoming the late TV tennies game which was invented in 1975.


However, the first-named console was swappable ROM Cartridges, later popularized with the Atari 2600 in 1977.

Even though new and old Nintendo consoles set the market for gaming, these were the ones that started the pace.

Let’s take a look at the 20 rarest video game consoles of all time.

Quick Look

Consoles Value
20. Astro Boy Game Boy Light $800
19.  God Of War: Special Edition PS4 Pro $850
18. White Sega Game Gear $860
17. Hatsune Miku PS Vita $1,000
16. The Signed Russell Crowe Xbox 360 $1,005-$1,020
15. PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition $1,200
14. The Sega Aiwa Mega-CD $1,800
13. Seaman Christmas Dreamcast $2,500
12. Cuphead Xbox One X $3000
11. Beatles Rock Band Xbox 360 $3,600
10. Pokémon 2009 World Championships DSi $4,000
9. The 24K Gold-Dipped PlayStation 3 $5,000
8. Maziora Dreamcast $6,000
7. The 10 Million Model PS1 $7,500
6. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Xbox One X $8,300
5. Lara Croft Gem-Studded Xbox 360 $11,000
4. Rose Gold Xbox One And PS4 $13,669
3. Atari Cosmos $18,553
2. Gold Legend Of Zelda Game Boy Advance SP $20,000
1. Nintendo Wii Supreme $433,300

Rarest Video Game Consoles of all time

All the information and detials are collected from research and sales sites like console.fandom, amazon and ebay.

20. Astro Boy Game Boy Light

This one will cost you around $800.

This console goes back to the 90s. This was one of the best old Nintendo consoles of all time.

Certainly, this edition is more like a hidden treasure among the other revisions. The console is really light and goes really well within your palms.

Astro Boy Game Boy Light

It contains a classic monochrome display and even offered a perfect battery life than other competitors.

You can even see Nintendo’s “Lateral Thinking with seasoned hardware” design in this particular console.

These old Nintendo consoles were the standard gaming sets for a gamer living in the era of 1998.

19. God Of War: Special Edition PS4 Pro

This special edition will cost you around $850.

God Of War: Special Edition PS4 Pro(Source: Amazon)

This edition’s popularity might fail to recognize the original franchise’s popularity of the god of war, but its price kept on increasing day by day.

This Edition is almost out of stock on different sites like Flipkart and Amazon. If you ever get your hands on any one of them, better keep it.

18. White Sega Game Gear

It may cost you somewhat more than the god of war, i.e., nearly $860.

Other than just old Nintendo consoles, Sega console hardware research and development headquarters created this console in 1990.

This is even out of stock in their own native country. However, the original Game Gear said it would mainly focus on portability but failed, and hence, this controller drained batteries.

White Sega Game Gear(Source: Nintendo)

Even though the Genesis version of this controller was the most popular, but as time passed, the Master System and Game Gear surpassed the market for the best game controllers in Japan.

17. Hatsune Miku PS Vita

This will surely cost you around $1,000.

Hatsune Miku is a virtual pop sensation in Japan. There are a lot of people who are crazy for Hatsune Miku and other virtual pop stars.

Hatsune Miku PS Vita(Source:Amazon)

Moreover, one guy even said to have married Hatsune Miku, Which you can check here.

Japan was the first country released, but the sales increased due to the immense popularity of the Artist and the company.

16. The Signed Russell Crowe Xbox 360

If you liked the above one, there is less chance of getting the same feeling for this one. It costs around $1,005-$1,020.

The XBOX Rusell Crowe features a weird design. His face is printed on the most prominent part of the console.

Now imagine yourself going to turn on the console and seeing the face of Russell every time.

The Signed Russell Crowe Xbox 360(Source: MayonnaiseSlacks)

Auctioned to generate money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, this is a pure piece of art and celebrates Microsoft 360’s first anniversary in Australia.

15. PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition

This edition will cost you nearly $1,200.

The PlayStations are the fastest selling products in countries like America, Canada, Uk, and others if you don’t know.

So, when this Playstation was released in 2015, the local stores went out of stock within 2 days.

PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition(Source: Ali Express)

The fans were so quick to purchase this particular release because this was one of those ps4’s that were modeled into PS1 to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

Fans even admired the PS1 Dashboard, which was given if you wanted more of those good old 90s feels.

14. The Sega Aiwa Mega CD.

This one will cost you around $1,800.

If you’re thinking that this Mega CD console might be cheap and costs less just by looking at its design, then you’re probably wrong because it not just looks too simple to fool you, but it costs more than $1,000 bucks, and the reason is probably its portability.

It looks more like a CD player, and you could use CD too, but it can also play Genesis and Mega CD games.

To play games, you’d attach a little port to the system,

13. Seaman Christmas Dreamcast

This game console will cost you around $2,500.

This is a Christmas Design from Seaman gaming console inc.

There were only 850 pieces that the company manufactured. Surprisingly, all of the pieces were only available in Japan.

Seaman Christmas Dreamcast(Source:eBay)

Even though the Seaman were not able to spark the financial growth in the market due to their earlier designed consoles, this rework for Christmas worked best for them.

12. Cuphead Xbox One X

This one will cost you around $3,000.

Xbox is a gaming console known for its particular unique partnership and the embedded designs in its consoles.

This one is also no exception. The Cuphead is a popular character from animated TV series and games.

This game is top-rated for different reasons; Colosall boss battles, the all cartoon magical wonder game, and Action-filled 90s adventure.


Cuphead Xbox One X(Source: Ali Express)

Cuphead was released in 2017 as a classic run and gun game that focused on boss battles inspired by cartoons from the 90s.

Due to this, you can see the additional watercolor type design in both the Xbox and the illustrated character itself.

11. Beatles Rock Band Xbox 360

This gaming console will cost you around $3,600.

This particular Xbox design is costly for two reasons; One, it represents the famous Beatles going to heaven through the elevator, and the other is that it was one of those designs hand-printed by the illustrator.

This printed Xbox was so rare that rather than putting it up in any store, this was sold in an auction where the most favorable prices were chosen to be sold for.

10. Pokémon 2009 World Championships DSi

The Pokémon 2009 World Championships costs around $4,000.

Manufactured in 2009, This one was a minimal edition design created to appreciate the fans of the particular Pokemon series.

Pokémon 2009 World Championships DSi (Source: Youtube)

It is widely appreciated not just because of a simple DSI design, but as you can see, it looks like a Small Pokemon inspector, which analyses the type of pokemon and shows its properties.

Fans who purchased this said that they almost felt like a Pokemon trainer using this console.

9. The 24K Gold-Dipped PlayStation 3

This is valued at $5,000.

The 24K Gold-Dipped PlayStation 3(Source: Amazon)

This is one of the rarest designed custom PlayStations that Sony ever made.

Particularly Gold-Dipped Play station 3 was created by dipping the design in mixed 24K gold.

Moreover, there were only 5 pieces that were crafted and were released, but you will be lucky to get your hand in any one of them.

8. Maziora Dreamcast

The Maziora Dreamcast costs around $6,000.

Rare Video Game Consoles 8-Maziora-Dreamcast
Maziora Dreamcast(Source: Twitter)

This was manufactured in Japan, particularly with a car and bike manufacturing company named Maziora.

A bike’s helmet keychain, a couple of stickers, and a personal “Dream passport” came along with the console.

If you get your hand on this particular color, better keep it because the earlier designs were made in green, but this design stood out the most.

7. The 10 Million Model PS1

This one will cost you around $7,500.

Rare Video Game Consoles
The 10 Million Model PS1(Source: Age)

This one is an old regular classical model of PS1. This design, in particular, has a darker blue tone which signifies the power of tech and the popularity.

It was a trendy design among the OG as well as casual gamers.

The main reason for being this immensely popular is the design produced, and this exact design was produced after the 10 millionth design of PS1.

However, It was also released to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the PS4.

6. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Xbox One X.

Firstly, the design is absolutely stunning.

This Xbox will cost you nearly around $8,300.

Rare Video Game Consoles 6-Shadow-Of-The-Tomb-Raider-Xbox-One-X
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Xbox One X(Source: Gamespot)

It’s got the circular ring structure in the middle along with a quarter moon.

The whole setup follows similar jungle aesthetics, and The design seems really sturdy and prominent from the Xbox itself to the controller.

Surprisingly, not 100 or two hundred; There was only 1 piece that Microsoft manufactured.

5. Lara Croft Gem-Studded Xbox 360

This console might cost you around $11,000.

Rare Video Game Consoles 5-Lara-Croft-Gem-Studded-Xbox-360
Lara Croft Gem-Studded Xbox 360(Source: eBay)

This is another console-based to the same franchise of the tomb raider.

However, Microsoft rebranded this, especially after the previous one. Even though only a couple of them were made, this particular Xbox contains Lara Croft’s Face.

Surprisingly, it’s been made with over 11,000 gemstones and other designs embedded throughout the whole body.

4. Rose Gold Xbox One And PS4

This one might costs you around $13,669.

This is one of the most fashionable PS4 designs ever built.

The Xbox is said to be half-covered with Gold, and the PS4 is fully covered in gold.

Rare Video Game Consoles 4-Rose-Gold-Xbox-One-And-PS4
Rose Gold Xbox One And PS4(Source: FizX)

This console was illustrated and crafted by Italian Jewelers Gatti in Luxury Lab. It contains more than 220g of 9K gold.

Therefore, UAE is the country that contains most of these Gold plated goodies.

3. Atari Cosmos

This console will cost you around $18,553.

Since Atari was not sure what to do with this particular product, they didn’t release it.

As mentioned in the product, it showed some sort of 3d visualization of the game in the vertical Panel.

Rare Video Game Consoles 3-Atari-Cosmos
Atari Cosmos(Source: Videogamekraken)

However, this was not true, and Atari withdrew it before it even made it into the Market.

So, in the end, no one was able to pay for this particular console; Atari kept its price higher to make it look like an absolute Gem.

2. Gold Legend Of Zelda Game Boy Advance SP

This one will cost you around $20,000.

Rare Video Game Consoles 2-Gold-Legend-Of-Zelda-Game-Boy-Advance-SP
Gold Legend Of Zelda Game Boy Advance SP(Source: eBay)

These peculiar Game Boys were plated with 24-karat gold, and you could only get one by finding a strange golden ticket in a game bundle that came along with the video game and the Game Boy Advance SP console.
If you discovered a ticket in your box, you could trade it in for one of these ultra-rare gold-plated Game Boy Advance SPs.

1. Nintendo Wii Supreme

This one will cost you around $433,300.

This is one of the most expensive Nintendo Consoles of all time and embedded with 2.5 kilograms worth of 22K gold and 78 Diamonds.


Rare Video Game Consoles 1-Nintendo-Wii
Nintendo Wii Supreme(Business Insider

If you think this old Nintendo console contains some huge features, you’re probably wrong because you’re wrong, and this contains only simple Wii games.

Even though the old Nintendo consoles didn’t cost that much, it is expensive because of the gold plating.


When was Nintendo established?

September 23, 1889, in Kyoto, Japan.

Which country does Playstation belong to?

Primarily, Japan Originally Launched PS, whereas in San Mateo, USA in April 2016 by Sony.

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