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Raven Ross is a cast member from the upcoming Netflix series Love Is Blind season.

Love Is Blind show is one of the famous Netflix series which allows men and women to date each other, and the lunch date is tomorrow, October 19, 2022.

Like many other casts, too, only a little information has been shared with the public, and maybe after the release of the show, we may be able to know her well.

How Old Is Raven Ross From Love Is Blind?

Raven Ross is an ordinary person born on January 1, 1993, in Missouri, United States, and is 30 years old and loves to roam around the world.

According to her date of birth, she is a Capricon. Capricon is ambitious, determined, materialistic, and strong, which makes them great partners.

Raven Ross
Raven Ross enjoying her time with the nature
Source: Instagram

As per the zodiac sign, I hope she can be a great partner and find the perfect partner for her life.

Raven is an American TriggerPoint Foam Rolling Specialist, Barre Instructor, and Pilates Master Trainer at Club Pilates from the source celebs.filmifeed. 

She was born and raised in Missouri, United States, and has not moved since her birth, so she is a permanent resident of America.

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Ross has entered the television reality and started her career as a  reality star and hopes her career to grow more on the field.

Raven Ross Wikipedia

Raven Ross is an American resident who has just appeared in the reality show Love Is Blind, so Raven has no Wikipedia to date.

Although she is gaining fame now and has been in the show, there is no information about her; daily life, education, and other details.

However, Ross is an American TriggerPoint Foam Rolling Specialist, Barre Instructor, and Pilates Master Trainer at Club Pilates and gym/physical fitness center.

Raven Ross
Raven Ross as a fitness trainer
Source: Instagram

Being a fitness mentor, she has always maintained her body, believes in fitness and healthy life, and takes every opportunity to teach others about it.

The gym coach always had a passion for learning new movement methods to strengthen, lengthen, and balance the body.

Before her appearance in the upcoming series, she had a serious relationship with an older, wealthy gentleman but broke up with him after some time, according to thecinemaholic.

The Love Is Blind cast also has a YouTube channel named PilatesBodyRaven with 3.64K subscribers.

Raven Ross Family

Raven Ross was born to supportive parents. She is of African-American descent and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.

However, no, sources have information about her family members, and she, too, has personally never talked about them.

Raven Ross
Raven Ross, with the other cast member of Love Is Blind
Source: iheart

So, we have no relevant information about her parents’ names, ages, or other details about their lives.

She seems not to involve her family in her professional life, so she has shared no information about them or photos.

Even two of her best friends from childhood dropped from Nigeria with her. As she lives in the south, Ross was raised in white culture, which she addresses in the Netflix series.

Nevertheless, we can be sure that her parents are supportive of their daughter and supported her throughout her career.

Raven Ross Net Worth

The number of her earnings is not mentioned in any sources, but if we assume her net worth, it might be between $100K to $1 million.

Being an American TriggerPoint Foam Rolling Specialist, Barre Instructor, and Pilates Master Trainer, most of her earnings are earned through her career as a trainer.

Raven Ross-
Raven Ross from the upcoming Netflix series “Love Is Blind.”
Source: Instagram

Kaven has not revealed her income until now, so we do not have relevant information about her net worth.

So, the above-given amount of data is not the real one; it is just estimated, and she may earn more through her social media account too.

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The television reality star has recently gained more fame, and after the show, she may gain more fans and followers, which may brighten her future.

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