Rawa Majid

Rawa Majid familj is from Iraqi Kurdistan. If you want to know more about his life, read this article until the end.

Rawa Majid is a Swedish criminal suspected of being the prominent leader of the Swedish criminal organization Foxtrot. 

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This group has been connected to multiple violent incidents, including shootings and bombings, primarily in Sweden’s Stockholm and Uppsala areas.

Apart from that, the victims include children, relatives of rival criminals, former friends of Majid, and innocent bystanders.

Moreover, Majid is making headlines online after the news of his arrest was shared. He was reportedly arrested near the Iranian border on October 6, 2023.

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Rawa Majid Familj: Where Are They From?

Rawa Majid familj (family) is currently in media prominence as everyone online has been asking questions about it.

Everyone got curious about his personal life when Rawa was arrested recently.

It has been reported that Majid was born in Iran, and his parents are reported to be from Iraqi Kurdistan. So, it can be said that his family is from Iraqi Kurdistan.

Rawa Majid Familj
Rawa Majid familj is from Iraq as his parents are said to be from Iraqi Kurdistan. (Source: Dagens Nyheter)

For your information, Iraqi Kurdistan refers to the Kurdish-populated part of northern Iraq.

His parents gave birth to Rawa in Iran while fleeing Iraq on the way to Sweden during the Iran-Iraq war. 

Additionally, the family moved to Uppsala, Sweden, when Rawa was just one month old.

Further information about Rawa’s early life remains unclear as the media sources have not given any facts yet.

Rawa Majid Parents – Father And Mother

Rawa Majid parents are Iraqi Kurds who have kept themselves far from the public domain.

Due to the lack of information, the information related to Rawa’s parents is not accessible in the media.

Reportedly, Majid’s parents have essential parts in the play or movie Foxtrot. They are crucial to the story or production.

Rawa Majid Parents
Rawa Majid parents have stayed away from the media prominence. (Source: Nyheter24)

The mother, especially, has caught the attention of the police, making them try even harder to catch her.

What Majid’s parents do in the network remains unclear, but their involvement suggests that it’s a family-run operation.

Apart from that, no more details related to Rawa’s personal life are accessible on the public platforms.

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Rawa Majid Ursprung And Nationality

Rawa Majid Ursprung (origin) is from Iraqi Kurdistan, as his father and mother are from there.

However, he was not born there as Majid’s parents moved to Iran, where the criminal was born on July 12, 1986.

Furthermore, Rawa appears to have held dual nationality. He is said to be of Swedish nationality, and it has also been noted that he is a Turkish citizen.

Rawa Majid Ursprung
Rawa Majid is from Iraqi Kurdistan, and he holds Swedish nationality. (Source: Goteborgs Posten)

For a few years now, Majid has been abroad, including in Turkey, where he is said to have lived for the past few years.

On several occasions, Sweden has attempted to have him extradited from Turkey. 

However, because Majid has Turkish citizenship, Sweden has been refused. Between September 6 and 7, Rawa must have crossed the border from Turkey to Kurdistan.

Apart from that, Rawa is also said to have used an Iranian passport to avoid being tracked. He was also said to have lived in Kurdistan.

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