Ray Gricar found

Is Ray Gricar found or still missing? Explore in depth about Ray, who has been mysteriously missing for over two decades.

Ray had worked as the district attorney of Centre County, Pennsylvania, for most of the past 5 terms, nearly 8 months away from retirement, when he disappeared.

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He was known by those close to him as an extremely serious, ethical, and by-the-book prosecutor.

His friend, Bob Buehner, a former district attorney himself, described Ray as the most serious and ethical prosecutor he had ever met.

In his personal life, Ray was close with his 27-year-old daughter Lara and lived with his long-time girlfriend Patty.

He and Patty were already planning a leisurely retirement road trip to visit national parks and end up on the west coast visiting his daughter.

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Ray Gricar Found Or Still Missing: What Happened To The DA?

Ray Frank Gricar was an American lawyer who served as the district attorney of Centre County, Pennsylvania, from 1985 until he went missing in 2005.

Gricar was elected district attorney of Centre County in 1985 and was re-elected four times before announcing he would not run again in 2005, as he was nearing retirement.

On April 15, 2005, Gricar disappeared under mysterious circumstances while taking a road trip.

His car was found in Lewisburg, containing his cell phone, but not Gricar. Later, his laptop was found in one part of a river, and the laptop’s hard drive was in another part of the river.

No further trace of Gricar has ever been found. In 2011, after six years of being missing, authorities declared Gricar legally dead.

Ray Gricar found
Ray is positioned beside his 2004 Mini Cooper vehicle, which is colored red and white (Source: Oxygen True Crime)

There are three main theories about what happened to Ray after he disappeared. The first is that he may have taken his own life that day.

His abandoned car was found near a bridge over a river in a park, eerily similar to the circumstances surrounding his brother Roy’s ***** by suicide nine years earlier.

Like Ray’s car, Roy’s car had been abandoned near a park by a bridge over a river before Roy’s body was discovered in the water.

However, Ray’s body was never found, even though the police chief said conditions were favourable for searching the clear river water thoroughly.

Additionally, Ray had no history of depression and seemed to be happy in his relationship with his girlfriend, Patty.

So while the location where his car was found could suggest suicide, the lack of a body and Ray’s positive mental state cast doubt on that theory.

Ray Gricar Case Update

Multiple witnesses reported seeing Ray Gricar on the day he disappeared.

He was spotted sitting in his red Mini Cooper, parked across from the Packwood House Museum.

One witness said he saw Ray pacing back and forth before sitting in the car again, as if waiting for someone.

Others said they saw a man matching Ray’s description at an antique store with an unidentified woman, but Ray’s family didn’t think that was really him.

Ray Gricar found
Ray Gricar remains missing as of the time being (Source: Kinsta )

The last confirmed sighting of Ray was at 5:30 p.m. when he parked his car.

Investigators found he had taken his laptop with him, unusually without its case or power supply, but left behind all his other belongings at home.

So it seems Ray purposefully took only his laptop on some kind of trip before vanishing.

Despite the diligent efforts of the authorities to locate Ray, they have been unsuccessful in finding him.

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