Raymond Muratalla Parents

Undefeated lightweight prospect Raymond Muratalla parents are the wind below his wings. They paved the way that brought him to his present position.

Raymond Muratalla is an undefeated boxer. Having an 18-0 record, 15 of his victories came through knockout. He has had a promising start and showed great potential in the lightweight division.

By defeating Jeremia Nakathila via technical knockout in the second round of the Devin Haney-Vasiliy Lomachenko undercard at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Muraalla established himself as a legitimate contender in the 135-pound division.

Following his recent win, Muratalla has been making headlines. Due to this, the young boxer’s fans were eager to learn more about his upbringing.

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Boxing Raymond Muratalla Parents: Father Gabriel Sr And Mother Monica

Raymond Muratalla was born on 15 January 1997 in Fontana, California, to his father, Gabriel Muratalla Sr. and his mother, Monica.

Raymond Muratalla Parents
Raymond Muratalla hails from Fontana, California. (Image Source: Boxing Scene)

Raymond’s career began when he was still young. His dad, Gabriel Muratalla Sr., is the one who guided the young boxer to a professional fighting career. He honed his boxing skills in his Fontana home backyard ring with his elder brother Gabriel Jr.

Raymond and his elder sibling began boxing when they were seven and ten, respectively.

When the Muratalla brother’s father and trainer, Gabriel Sr., managed to put a boxing ring in their Fontana house backyard, their boxing prowess became more apparent.

Gabriel Sr. learned about a San Jacinto, California woman who attempted to organize a boxing competition but failed.

A friend told Gabriel Sr. that the woman was selling a ring. Raymond’s dad offered to buy it, but the woman, who knew Gabriel Jr. and Raymond from the Southern California amateur scene, ultimately decided to donate the ring.

It has been reported that everyone in the boxing community in Southern California knows about the Muratallas’ popular backyard gym.

Renowned boxers, including 2020 U.S. Olympian Marc Castro, brothers Jose and Karlos Balderas, and Ryan Garcia, have been there.

Raymond Muratalla Backyard Ring Story

In an interview, the 26-year-old recalled an exciting story about the ring. Four junior football players were at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga. 

Raymond Muratalla Parents
Raymond Muratalla began boxing at seven. (Image Source: Ring TV)

The four teenagers heard about Raymond – a pencil-thin freshman with a pleasant smile and an unassuming personality – who used his gloved fists to burrow everyone in his area.

The four boys – who were around five inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than Muratalla – challenged him. The young Raymond informed his father, and Gabriel Sr. gave the green light.

Raymond informed the self-proclaimed badasses that he had a ring in his backyard, and they could settle it there with boxing gloves. The strongest of the four entered the ring with Raymond.

But he couldn’t last long. Raymond spent a few minutes chasing him as he ran everywhere. The remaining three kids didn’t even dare to enter the ring.

It took Gabriel Sr. a month to assemble it, but it attracted kids in Fontana and the surrounding areas once he did. When his father put the ring in the backyard, Raymond was around eight or nine.

Meet Raymond Muratalla Mother Monica 

Raymond Muratalla’s mother, Monica, works for the L.A. county’s probation department.

The skilled boxer pursued a college degree in criminal justice during the global pandemic. It looked like he followed in his mother’s footsteps.

Moreover, the undefeated lightweight division prospect said that as a young boy, he was more into video games. He revealed that as a seven-year-old boy, he went to the gym with his mother screaming and kicking.

The boxer said his mom laughed at him and his elder brother as they couldn’t jump rope on the first day in the gym.

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