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Rebeca Hwang is a big name in the venture capital world.

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She is the managing director at Kalei Ventures and a top partner at Rivet Ventures.

Rebeca is well-known in the startup world with a background that includes being creative, starting businesses, and positively impacting society.

From the time she first started her entrepreneurial journey to now, where she leads at Kalei Ventures and Rivet Ventures, she’s making a lasting impact on the world of venture capital and business.

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Rebeca Hwang Wikipedia: Who Is She?

Rebeca Hwang is a well-known figure in the world of business and innovation.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, she grew up in Argentina and studied at MIT and Stanford University.

Now, she’s not just a big shot at Kalei Ventures and Rivet Ventures; she’s the Managing Director at one and a General Partner at the other.

Rebecca is not just about money but about positively impacting the world.

Teaching is her thing too. She teaches Technology Entrepreneurship at Stanford University.

Imagine learning about starting your own cool tech business from someone like her!

She’s also been part of the faculty at Tecnologico de Monterrey and is involved with a preschool called Little School.

Rebeca Hwang Wikipedia1
Rebeca Hwang is also co-founder of YouNoodle, a San Francisco-based startup. (Image Source: Twitter)

She’s a severe inventor with a whopping 12 patents, and there are nine more waiting in line.

That’s like having a dozen brilliant ideas that no one else has thought of yet.

Huwang has a fun side, too. She loves traveling and trying out new recipes. Recently, she got super into making sourdough bread.

Before Rebeca became a fantastic mom to two lively and business-minded boys, she used to do some really cool stuff.

She’d go on hikes, throw some punches in boxing, play rugby, show off some dance moves, and sail on the open seas.

Her career is like a rollercoaster of success. Co-founding Kalei Ventures, investing in cool tech startups from Latin America, is her latest adventure.

Before that, she was rocking it at Rivet Ventures, focusing on companies that need the female touch.

So, Hwang isn’t just a business superstar. She’s an inventor, a teacher, a mom, and an explorer of life.

Rebeca Hwang Edad: How Old Is Kalei Ventures Managing Director?

The exact birth date of Rebeca Hwang is unavailable, so it isn’t easy to calculate her age.

Looking at her extensive career portfolio, one can guess that the Kalei Ventures managing director may be in her late 30s to early 40s.

As the big shot at Kalei Ventures, being the Managing Director and all, Rebeca has done some pretty amazing things.

Rebeca Hwang edad
Looking at her extensive career portfolio, we can guess that Rebeca Hwang may be in her late 30s to early 40s. (Image Source: LinkedIn)

In her career, Rebeca has spent a lot of time helping out family businesses and offices.

She really likes working with the younger members of these families: the ones who love tech, investing in different things and starting their own businesses.

Now, one can’t say for sure how many birthday candles she’s blowing out this year, but thinking about her career journey makes everyone realize she’s been doing this awesome stuff for a while.

So, whether Rebeca is rocking her late 30s or sliding into her early 40s, one thing’s for sure is that she is killing it in the business world. 

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