Rebecca Ferguson Weight Gain

Rebecca Ferguson weight gain: there has been a considerable buzz about the Mission: Impossible star’s pregnancy and weight gain. But is she really pregnant?

Prominent star Rebecca Ferguson has created quite a stir in Hollywood. The gorgeous Swedish actress is renowned for her versatility, as she has worked in various series and movies.

Ferguson’s resume is impressive with the major roles in the movies such as The White Queen, The Girl on the Train, The Mission: Impossible films, The Greatest Showman, etc.

Many people are wondering if the skilled actress is pregnant. Here is a closer look at Rebecca Ferguson’s weight gain and pregnancy rumor.

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Rebecca Ferguson Weight Gain

Rebecca Ferguson is a stunning actress. Looking at her pictures in her latest look for the television series Silo, she doesn’t seem to have gained much weight.

Rebecca Ferguson Weight Gain
Rebecca Ferguson in the upcoming science fiction television series Silo. (Image Source: Collider)

Rebecca Ferguson’s career changed when she portrayed Ilsa Faust in the Mission: Impossible series, beginning with 2015’s Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation. This brought her to the attention of a huge global audience.

In addition to that, she achieved a perfect body after her leading role in the spy action thriller movie. 

In an interview with Elle, The Mission: Impossible star disclosed that her preparation for the thriller began when she got off the plane.

She worked out six hours a day, six days a week, as soon as she arrived at Heathrow Airport after booking the role. The star did prepare herself with some pilates. But on the set, the workouts were much more intense.

“There was a lot of sprinting, daily training, and choreography workshops for the special parts,” according to the actress. But the workout was not the only thing that helped to achieve the perfect body.

When asked what she was doing before the series, she answered, “A lot of chocolate and trying to drink a little bit of water now and then.”

Ferguson was active even before her role in the series, She said she enjoys walking. She walked, swam, and was active.

Rebecca said the movie introduced her to the gym world. Since then, the Silo star has cared for the body with proper death and workout. As a result, she is still in her best shape.

Is The Silo Actress Rebecca Ferguson Pregnant In 2023?

No, the Silo star Rebecca Ferguson is not pregnant. At least, there has been no official report or statement about the actress’ pregnancy.

Rebecca Ferguson Weight Gain
Rebecca Ferguson is a mother of two kids. (Image Source: The Guardian)

In addition, the 39-year-old has not shared anything related to the matter. Thus, the pregnancy news about Ferguson appears to be just a groundless rumor or speculation.

Rebecca is a mother of two kids. The Greatest Showman actress welcomed her first child, a son, Isac Hallberg, with her boyfriend, Ludwig Hallberg, in 2007. Soon after, the former pair moved to Simrishmn with their baby.

However, Ferguson and Hallberg went their separate ways in 2015. Afterward, Rebecca met her current partner, Rory. In mid-2018, the adorable duo welcomed a daughter.

Rebecca Ferguson tied the knot with her husband, Rory, in January 2019. Since then, the pair have been blissfully together.

The Greatest Showman actress prefers to keep her life away from the public eye. Thus, there is little information about Rory, including his profession, age, and family background.

The actress and her spouse live happily in their Richmond house in Southwest London.

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