Rebekah Gould Boyfriend

Casey McCullough, identified as Rebekah Gould’s boyfriend at the time of her murder, faced years of suspicion before being cleared of any involvement in the crime.

The murder of 22-year-old college student Rebekah Gould in 2004 sent shockwaves through her community and the nation. 

The heinous nature of her death, involving a broken piano leg and a formal necktie, left everyone baffled and searching for answers. For 18 long years, suspicion lingered over Rebekah’s boyfriend at the time, Casey McCullough.

 However, it was ultimately revealed that Casey was innocent and the actual perpetrator was someone else entirely. 

This article will delve into the story of Casey McCullough and his relationship with Rebekah Gould and provide information on where he is now.

Rebekah Gould Boyfriend: Who Is Casey McCullough?

Casey McCullough was the boyfriend of Rebekah Gould at the time of her tragic murder. 

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It appears to be related to a segment or episode of the television show “Dateline NBC” that focuses on the story of Rebekah Gould. (Source: Twitter)

The two first crossed paths in 2002 or 2003 while working at the Melbourne branch of Sonic, a popular drive-in restaurant. Casey was steadily climbing the ranks within the establishment, while Rebekah worked as a carhop. 

Despite their differing positions, they developed a strong connection, transcending any professional divide. Their casual conversations soon became deep and flirty, leading them to evolve from friends to a romantic couple by 2004.

Rebekah left her job to attend Northwest Arkansas Community College in Fayetteville. However, this change did not significantly impact her relationship with Casey. 

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They visited each other frequently, and Rebekah often stayed weekends at Casey’s trailer, located on the McCulloughs’ family estate in Guion, a nearby town. 

Casey McCullough Wikipedia And Age Revealed

Casey McCullough does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

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It seems to be sharing information or discussing the murder case of Rebekah Gould and providing five specific details that are considered eerie or unsettling. (Source: Twitter)

It indicates that his involvement in the case of Rebekah Gould’s murder did not receive extensive media coverage or public attention. 

The absence of a Wikipedia page does not necessarily imply anything about his character or innocence. It is worth noting that not all individuals involved in high-profile cases or events have Wikipedia pages.

Regarding Casey’s age, being in his early twenties in 2004 would suggest that he was likely born in the early 1980s. However, without specific information about his birthdate, it is challenging to determine his exact current age. 

While Casey McCullough’s age remains undisclosed, it is essential to focus on the facts surrounding the case and the ultimate resolution rather than speculation about his current age.

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Since the events of 2004 have passed, it is even more important to have precise knowledge and a thorough understanding of the circumstances behind Rebekah Gould’s untimely death.

Where Is Casey McCullough Now?

Despite the mounting suspicion and circumstantial evidence against him, Casey McCullough was never arrested or charged with Rebekah’s murder. 

The lack of concrete evidence, his alibi of being at work during the crime, and his apparent grief and cooperation with authorities all played a role in his dismissal.

Surprisingly, it was revealed that Rebekah’s killer was not Casey, but his first cousin, William Alama Miller. Miller, who had never met Rebekah before, mercilessly took her life for unclear reasons. 

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The revelation of the true perpetrator absolved Casey of any involvement in the crime, removing the dark cloud of suspicion that had plagued him for years.

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