Nieko Lisi Found

Nieko Lisi Found: Nieko Lisi went missing from Steuben County in 2011. Almost 12 years after his missing case, people want to know if he has been found.

On 1st October 2011, at around 5 pm, Nieko Lisi’s family members last spoke to him. Since that day—12 years, 5 months to be precise—his mother, relatives, and friends have been looking high and low for Nieko.

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Nieko Lisi was a guy who went missing from Pittsford, New York, and at the time, he was 18 years old.

An official investigation into Lisi’s disappearance was then conducted by police officials from New York State, who found that his phone last chimed on October 1 in the Flintlock Drive area in  Franklin, Tennessee.

It’s been almost 12 years of Nieko’s disappearance, and he has yet to be located. However, his close ones and family are still hopeful that he will return to them.

This article makes an attempt to provide some insightful information regarding Nieko Lisi’s missing case update and more.

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Reddit: Is Nieko Lisi Found In 2023?

Following Neiko Lisi’s missing, the general public is curiously waiting and wants to find out if he has been found in 2023. Similarly, many people are also having conversations regarding his disappearance on Reddit.

Well, as of writing this article, Neiko Lisi remains unlocated. He has not been found, and his disappearance remains unsolved.

Nieko Lisi Found
Nieko Lisi alongside his brother, and two sisters. (Source: Star Gazette)

Despite extensive searches and investigations, there have been no known sightings or leads on his whereabouts since he disappeared in October 2011.

His family and law enforcement continue to appeal to the public for information and any leads that could help bring resolution to the case.

Neiko Lisi Missing Case Update

The Neiko Lisi missing case remains unsolved, and Lisi’s family continues seeking answers and raising awareness about his disappearance. 

Nieko was only 18 when he suddenly disappeared and had been residing with his siblings and family members in rural Steuben County, New York, which is slightly across the Pennsylvania state line.

As per Lisi’s mother, Monica Button, they were a busy, still tight-knit family who always checked in with one another throughout the day.

To make the search more effective in October 2017, the investigation’s lead agency changed to TBI(Tennessee Bureau of Investigations).

 Nieko Lisi Found
The search for Nieko Lisi is still ongoing. (Source: NBC News)

Since 2017, Nathan Neese, TBI Special Agent who has been working on the case, has assured Nieko’s family that he is not giving up on Nieko and states that he brings the case files around with him every day. 

Additionally, various sums of rewards have been offered over the years, but the tip that would lead to Lisi still hasn’t arrived.

Nieko’s mother, Monica, stated that she is not only disappointed with the case’s lack of progress but also with the lack of arrests and an unusual twist to the entire case: the number of persons related to the case are now deceased.

Nonetheless, Nieko’s mom still advocates for her child on the Fb page Search for Nieko Lisi and posts updates on a website launched in 2011.

The Day When Nieko Lisi Disappeared

Nieko’s uncle’s residence was the last place where he was confirmed to be alive.

Police and other family members were informed by Lisi’s uncle that on 30th September 2011, Nieko and a buddy named Robert Knight arrived at his residence in a gold GMC Canyon pickup. 

According to his uncle, Robert Knight informed him that they were traveling to Buffalo, New York, to visit friends and perhaps go camping and that the truck they were driving was his grandpa’s.

But, the friends’ duo never made it to Buffalo; while leaving Nieko’s uncle’s home, and ever since, he has never been seen alive.

Furthermore, on 1st October 2011, Robert Knight came suddenly to his parent’s place and mentioned that Lisi had dropped him off, confirming he arrived house at around 10 AM in Michigan. But, Nieko was never seen actually in Michigan.

Nieko’s family was, at this point, becoming more worried about his whereabouts. On October 1st, at about 5 PM, his grandma was able to get in touch with him via his cell phone.

But, Lisi quickly picked up the call, assuring her that he was unable to speak at the moment but would call her again later. But he didn’t return the call, and nobody else heard from him again.

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