PJ Glizzy In Jail

Is PJ Glizzy in jail? The audience is curious to learn about the arrested and charges against PJ.

PJ Glizzy is a rapper who uploads his rappers on different social media platforms. Many rapper fans have known him through his music.

His real name is Paul Johnson, but many of him know his with PJ. After the news about his arrest was out, people were curious to learn the reason behind it and more. 

Glizzy’s Youtube does not contain any videos currently, and he has not uploaded any video on his Instagram since his arrest news was out.

Read further to gather information about his arrest and recent reddit update. 

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Reddit Update: Is PJ Glizzy In Jail?

The rapper is still in jail; he was arrested in March 2022. The news of his arrest has been very unclear; the news was out first on Reddit.

Glizzy was arrested, but the reason behind his arrest is unclear. It was mentioned that he murdered someone and is the main suspect in the case.

Glizzy is 21 years old, and his parents have not been involved in the case yet. However, many rappers fans have been raising questions about where he has been. 

It has been clear that he has been arrested and is still in jail, as he has not updated any pictures or videos on his social media account.

Pj Glizzy - Muddy reaction video by "react with me".
Pj Glizzy – Muddy reaction video by “react with me.” (Image Source: Youtube)

No one from his family has publicly talked about the case, and the news has been very unclear till now. 

Hopefully, the question many of his fans raise will get solved, and clear information will be released. 

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PJ Glizzy Arrested for 2nd-Degree Murder.

Glizzy was arrested for the Murder of 19 year old; his first trial was set to be in March 2022, ending with him being arrested for 2nd-degree Murder. 

Although where he was arrested or in which jail he was captured has not been clear, the news about his arrest was from NYC Police Department.

Sources have not confirmed the news, but many Youtube video has been posted about the arrest. 

People have made different titles to grab public attention and have not mentioned clear information in the videos.

Sha Ek x Pj Glizzy, Get Back official video.
Sha Ek x Pj Glizzy, Get Back official video. (Image Source: Youtube)

It has been clear that he is still in jail and facing the Murder of a 19-year-old, but the victim’s identity has also not been clear.

Until the news about his murder charges isn’t clear, we cannot confirm anything about the case mentioned in public might be true.

Many well-known sources have not discussed it; the case has only been uploaded on Youtube and Tiktok. 

You can find different Youtube video of him and Tiktok, which has clarified his arrest and charges. But the identity has not been opened out till now.

Follow the trending news about the rapper to get more updated about him and the case he has been following. 

Additionally, Police department thinks that the rapper might not be the only one involved in the Murder or that the case might be an accident. Please share your thoughts about the case with us.

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