Reeva Steenkamp Parents

As Oscar Pistorius gets ready to go back to court, the parents of Reeva Steenkamp have expressed their desire for clarification.

The 29-year-old Ms. Steenkamp was shot through the bathroom door of Oscar Pistorius’ residence in a gated community in Pretoria, South Africa.

The 26-year-old gold medalist from the Paralympics is accused of killing her, but he insists that he only shot her because he thought she was an intruder.

Pistorius is scheduled to appear in court in Pretoria today; he will likely go on trial later this year.

In a television documentary, Ms. Steenkamp’s mother claimed that only one person knew what had occurred. Ms. Steenkamp has stated in the open that she must forgive Mr. Pistorius because of her Christian faith. Her husband was said not to have attained the same level of closure.

Who Are Reeva Steenkamp Parents Barry And June? 

Reeva Steenkamp was born to her parents, Barry and June Steenkamp.

June Steenkamp, her mother, talks about how guilty she and her husband feel for their daughter’s passing. They raised their daughter in a protective environment, so she felt bad that she couldn’t do the same for her. 

June Barry
The parents of Mr. Pistorius’s victim, June and Barry Steenkamp, in court in Pretoria in 2016. (Source:

Reeva’s parents shielded her from it when she was born, but they regret that they were powerless to stop the brutal incident.

In one of her early paintings, she depicts a shooter, an angel, and a staircase leading to heaven. Mrs. Steenkamp claims it was a foreshadowing of what transpired to her.

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Reeva was reportedly terrified, fearful, and displaying horror, according to June.

Reeva Steenkamp Autopsy Report

Oscar Pistorius, a track star accused of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, sobbed and puked into a bucket on Monday in a courtroom in South Africa as he listened to graphic details from her autopsy.

According to Saayman’s testimony, Steenkamp was shot three times through the locked door of a bathroom cubicle, striking him in the head, arm, and hip. Pistorius attempted a fourth shot but missed.

Her right upper arm was shattered, and the hip wound could have been fatal, while he added that to her head would have hindered her immediately. No blood was found in Reeva’s airways, suggesting she breathed only a few times before she died.

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Pistorius sat with his head bowed and tried to block out Saayman’s testimony by covering his ears with his hands and a white handkerchief between fits of sobbing and retching.

Where Is He Murderer Oscar Pistorius?

According to a spokesman for the correctional services department, Mr. Pistorius, who has been incarcerated at the Atteridgeville Correctional Centre in Pretoria, has already participated in several rehabilitation programs to get ready for parole.

Reeva Steenkamp.
Pistorius sat with his head bowed, covering his ears with his hands and a white handkerchief (Source:

Before a mediated “victim-offender” conversation with June and Barry Steenkamp, his victim’s parents, he will also go through psychological testing and consult with a social worker and a religious figure. A parole board won’t consider his case until after that.

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The Steenkamps are preparing to confront the murderer of their daughter, though they have the option to do otherwise. To start the process, the authorities have already contacted the family.

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