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Relly B arrested news is all over the internet, and everyone has been asking about the charges related to the viral star. So, here’s everything about him.

Relly B, whose real name is Durell Smylie, is a social media star having huge fan followers on his Instagram handle, where we can find him as @durellyrellz. 

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He is also a TikTok star who first gained widespread recognition after sharing a video saying, “Where the money reside?” Furthermore, the respective video went viral on social media and collected millions of views.

Since then, Relly B has remained in the limelight, and he often gets into public attention. People often ask multiple questions related to Relly B, and currently, he is among the hot topic due to his arrest news.

Relly B Arrested: What Did He Do?

As said earlier, the news related to Relly B getting arrested has been in the spotlight for the past few days. Everyone has been asking multiple questions regarding Relly’s detention.

However, none of the verified media outlets have covered the news regarding it. So, it can’t be confirmed whether Relly B has been arrested or not. Despite that, Relly B has not shared anything about the viral topic.

Relly B Arrested
The news of Relly B getting arrested has been trending. (Source: Twitter)

Exploring his Instagram page, we can see him posting videos and images, which makes it clear that the news of Relly B getting arrested may be fake.

However, we are trying to get more info about it and will soon update more information.

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Relly B Charges: Why Did He Go To Jail?

With the news of Relly B’s arrest, everyone is also curious about his charges. As we talked about the topic earlier, none of the sources have shared the news. So, we are unknown what are Relly B’s charges.

The news may have risen due to the link of Relly B’s name with other figures. Some people on social media may have speculated that Relly B was linked with the recent incident where 10 law violators were arrested in Bulacan.

relly bad boys
Relly B is a star of the reality show Bad Boys, and everyone is asking for his arrest news. (Source: Twitter)

A report was submitted to Bulacan police director Col. Relly B. Arnedo, and following that, three suspects were arrested. So, people may have gotten confused with the name of the Bulacan police director and the social media star.

Despite the confusion, Relly B himself has not addressed anything. As many of his fans and followers are eager to know the fact, Relly B may release a statement. We can follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more updates about his ongoing lifestyle.

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More Details About Relly B From Bad Boys Texas

The social media star Relly B is famous for appearing in Bad Boys Texas, and he has been in the spotlight for the past few days due to the show. He is a native of Baton Rouge who went from selling Honda’s to becoming a social media star.

relly b viral
Relly B first gained recognition after a video of him saying Where the money reside? Went viral. (Source: Yahoo)

As we know, the news of Relly’s arrest is in the media, which may be due to Orlando Brown’s story. In the reality show, Orlando had an odd story to tell from the past as he talked about how the network bailed him out of jail following his arrest. 

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