Farooq Qaiser Death

Farooq Qaiser *****: Google honors Farooq Qaiser, the man behind the beloved puppet Uncle Sargam, with Doodle on his 78th birthday.

Pakistani icon Farooq Qaiser, celebrated for his roles as an artist, puppeteer, writer, and columnist, was posthumously honored by Google on what would have been his 78th birthday.

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Qaiser, who passed away on 14 May 2021 due to a heart ******, gained worldwide recognition for his beloved puppet character, Uncle Sargam.

Google paid tribute to his legacy with a doodle that showcased Uncle Sargam, the endearing puppet who captivated audiences across generations through television programs like Kaliyan and Putli Tamasha.

With his innovative approach, Qaiser not only entertained but also educated children and adults alike, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

The Doodle served as a reminder of Qaiser’s significant contributions to the world of entertainment and education, highlighting the enduring impact of his creations on society.

Farooq Qaiser *****: Lost His Life Due To Heart Problems

Farooq Qaiser passed away on 14 May 2021 in Islamabad due to a heart ****** at the age of 75. He was born on 31 October 1945 in Sialkot, Punjab. Farooq was married and had a son. 

The Pakistani artist graduated from the National College of Arts in Lahore in 1970 and later obtained a master’s degree in Graphic Arts from Bucharest, Romania, where he also learned puppetry.

He also received a master’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Southern California in 1999.

Farooq Qaiser *****
Farooq Qaiser passed away on 14 May 2021 in Islamabad due to a heart ******. (Image Source: DAWN)

Farooq started his career in 1971 with the children’s television show Akkar Bakkar, working with renowned personalities such as Shoaib Hashmi, Muneeza Hashmi and Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

He created his own puppet show, Kaliyan, in 1976, which became a popular and long-running program on PTV.

He introduced Uncle Sargam, a witty and humorous puppet that resembled his teacher, Molnar from Romania. He also voiced the character and wrote the scripts for the show.

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He also worked as a cartoonist, newspaper columnist and TV director. He wrote for the newspaper Daily Nai Baat under the pen name “Meethay Karelay.”

He received several awards and recognition for his work, including the Pride of Performance in 1993, the title of ‘Master Puppeteer’ by UNICEF in 1997, and the Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2021.

Remembering Farooq Qaiser On His 78th Birthday: Google Doodle Gone Viral

Google marked the 78th birthday of Farooq Qaiser, the renowned Pakistani artist, storyteller, and educator, with a heartfelt doodle featuring his iconic creation, Uncle Sargam, playing a harmonium.

The doodle serves as a tribute to Qaiser’s enduring legacy, celebrating his role as an artist and puppeteer who brought immense joy and laughter to millions.

Uncle Sargam, a cherished character in Pakistan’s cultural heritage, not only entertained but also served as a voice for the common man, cleverly addressing social issues through satire and humor.

Farooq Qaiser *****
Google paid tribute to Farooq Qaiser on his 78th birthday with a heartfelt Doodle. (Image Source: Google)

Qaiser’s influence extended far beyond borders, inspiring artists and performers worldwide. His shows, translated into various languages, reached audiences in different countries, showcasing his universal appeal.

Qaiser’s impact is evident in the global recognition of his work; his puppets have found a place in museums and exhibitions across the world.

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Fans and admirers have expressed deep gratitude for his contributions to Pakistan’s entertainment industry and society. Qaiser’s creativity, talent, and passion have solidified his status as a legend.

His rich legacy, marked by creativity and social commentary, will endure, continuing to entertain and educate generations in the years to come.

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