Renee Geyer Family

The family of renowned Australian singer Renee Geyer has released a statement confirming her hospital death.

Renée Geyer, a legendary Australian singer, passed away due to complications from hip surgery.

The renowned singer, whose discography from the 1970s and 1980s includes songs like “It’s A Man’s World,” “Ready to Deal,” and “Say I Love You,” passed away peacefully, according to a statement from her family.

According to the statement, Geyer, who had hip surgery, received negative health news while hospitalized. Renee’s family also disclosed that although she had incurable lung Cancer, she passed away painlessly, surrounded by loved ones.

At 16, Geyer started her career as a singer for the jazz-blues group Dry Red. She released her self-titled debut album in 1973, the same year she was signed to RCA Records.

Renee Geyer Family Details: Where Was She From?

The third child of Edward and Ella Geyer, who met in Palestine following World War II, Renée Rebecca Geyer, was born in Melbourne in 1953. While Edward was from Hungary, Ella was a Slovakian Holocaust survivor.

Renee Geyer pictured with her husband, Trevor, in 2007.
Renee Geyer pictured with her husband, Trevor, in 2007. (Source:

Trevor was her husband’s name. He has a distinguished media career and is a well-known Australian businessman. He is the media and PR Company New Horizons Communications founder and director. She was a childless woman.

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Renée Geyer has never spoken publicly about her relationships or marriages; she has always kept them private. But her music continues to be treasured and adored by fans worldwide.

The family requests Support Act donations instead of floral tributes to give back to the industry that she adores.

Renee Geyer’s Parents: Meet Her Father, Edward Geyer, And Slovak-Jewish Mother

Renee Geyer’s parents had a catering Company and were very well-known to the Sydney Jewish community. Her Father’s name is Edward Geyer, and her mother’s name hasn’t been revealed.

Geyer was involved in the Liberal Party’s
Geyer was involved in the Liberal Party’s 1975 federal election Campaign but distanced herself from the Party in later years. (Source:

The parents of Renee Geyer were Holocaust survivors, and her Father, Eddy, sang in the choir at the Great Synagogue. Early on, the Geyers ran a migrant hostel in Greenwich, providing housing for Jews fleeing war-torn Europe. They cared for them until they were comfortable enough to care for themselves.

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Her brothers Robbie and Dennis reside in Sydney and San Francisco, respectively. Other information regarding Renee’s family is not available on the internet.

Renee Geyer Death: What Happened To Her?

Renee Geyer, an Australian music icon, reportedly passed away at 69, per her family. The soul singer gained notoriety in the 1970s thanks to her distinctive husky voice but passed away due to complications following hip surgery.

In a statement published on Tuesday afternoon by The Mushroom Group, Geyer’s family acknowledged her passing. While recuperating in the hospital, Renée was told she had incurable lung Cancer.

A memorial service’s specifics will be made public later. Geyer had previously battled breast Cancer in 2009, but she could fully recover due to early detection and successful surgery. On social media, musicians and others involved in the Australian music scene paid tribute to Geyer.

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The statement announcing her passing stated that she had just performed to a packed House and was looking forward to another busy year ahead performing for her devoted fans across the nation.

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