Renee Hartevelt Death

Renee Hartevelt’s death: she was a Dutch student killed and eaten by the Japanese cannibal Issei Sagawa on 11 June 1981. The murderer wasn’t jailed and continued live at large until his death on 24 November 2022.

You might have heard of human cannibalism. Just the idea of one human eating another is too frightening. But Renne Hartevelt became a victim of human cannibalism. She was murdered, and various part of her body was eaten.

Renne Hartevelt was a Dutch student of French literature at Sorbonne, Paris. She is also known as the victim of the Japanese murder or cannibal, Issei Sagawa.

Issei Sagawa, aka Kobe Cannibal, died on 24 November. In today’s article, let’s take a detailed look at how the cannibal killed and ate his fellow student back in the early eighties.

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Renee Hartevelt Death: How Did She Become Victim Of Issei Sagawa

As mentioned above, Renee Hartevelt was a Dutch student of French literature in Paris. She was invented for dinner by her Sorbonne classmate Issei Sagawa, a Japanese native, on 11 June 1981.

She arrived at 10 Rue Erlanger using the pretext of translating poetry for a school project. However, her classmate was planning to kill and eat her all along.

Renee Hartevelt Death
Renee Hartevelt was killed and eaten by Issei Sagawa in Paris. (Source: Mirror)

Renee, then 26, was shot in her neck with a rifle as she sat with her back to Sagawa at a desk. As reported by IMDb, Hartevelt was selected because she was healthy and beautiful.

The murderer, under 5 feet tall, described himself as weak, ugly, and petite. Due to that, he wanted to absorb the victim’s energy.

The Japanese native reportedly fainted due to the shock of shooting Renee. After some time, he woke up and carried out his mission. At first, he had sex with the dead body and ate different parts of her body within two days.

The cannibal described the meat as soft and odorless, like tuna.

After completing his mission, the murderer tried to dump the remaining mutilated part of Hartevelt’s body in a remote lake. However, he got caught red-handed and was arrested by the French Police after a few days.

Was Issei Sagawa Arrested For Dutch Student Murder?

If you are already presuming that Issei Sagawa, a Japanese cannibal, must have lived his entire life in prison. Then, you’re mistaken. He never faced trial.

After two years of pre-trial custody, Issei Sagawa was released after being declared that he was legally insane and unfit to stand trial by French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere. However, the judge ordered them to hold him indefinitely in a mental institution.

Renee Hartevelt Death
Renee Hartevelt’s murderer never served in jail. (Source: NDTV)

Additionally, the court records were never made available to the Police in his native country, as the accusations were formally withdrawn in France. Thus, he continued to enjoy his life freely in Tokyo.

Despite his heinous crime, Kobe Cannibal gained popularity and often gave interviews to different media.

Sagawa’s story of his killing was published in Japan under the title In the Fog following a visit by the famous author Inuhiko Yomota.

Issei Sagawa Death

Issei Sagawa lived freely and daydreamed about eating someone else before his death.

Kobe Cannibal died due to complications from pneumonia on 24 November 2022 at 73. He was given a funeral attended only by relatives and his family.

Sagawa, who spent his final years in a wheelchair due to several health issues, including a stroke, spent them with his brother.

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