Renee Lamanna

Renee Lamanna missing case still remains mysterious, but people still want to know more about the recent update. Keep reading this article till the end to know more facts.

Renee Lamanna was a missing woman who has been missing since January 8, 1994. It’s been a long time since the disappearance of Renee, but people still want to know more about the case.

Over the past two decades, many have reported seeing Lamanna, but Renee remains missing. However, her family still hopes for Renee to find her safe.

The news of Lamanna’s missing case still makes rounds on the internet, and people want to know the recent developments in her case.

So, collecting everything from the available sources, the facts have been covered in today’s writing.

Renee Lamanna Missing Update 2023

As of now, Renee Lamanna still remains missing, and she has not been found yet. It’s been over two decades since the vanishment of Lamanna, but there are no facts of her being located.

Furthermore, the LaManna family has personally spoken with everyone who reported seeing Renee over the years. Renee’s sister Margaret, in particular, has an impressive memory for all the details of each sighting.

Renee Lamanna Missing
Renee Lamanna has been missing for over two decades, and she was photographed in October 2014. ( Source: NBC News )

In 1995, a person reported a sighting of Renee on a subway platform in lower Manhattan. The witness described Lamanna looking at her missing person flyer as if unaware she was the missing woman.

One instance in Virginia provided Margaret with not just an update but with pictures. A person named Ruth Collins explained to Margaret that she saw Lamanna sitting on a park bench, speaking with two police officers.

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Renee Lamanna Disappearance: Where Was She Last Seen?

Renee Lamanna disappearance has left her family worried. At the time of her vanishment, she was a resident of the Fresh Meadows section of Queens, New York.

Further, Renee was last seen at approximately 7:00 p.m. at 2517 Wesley Avenue in Ocean City on January 8, 1994. Despite efforts by Ocean City Police, the United States Coast Guard, and the Cape May County Sheriff K-9 Unit, Lamanna remains unlocated.

Renee Lamanna Disappearance
Renee Lamanna was last seen approximately at 7:00 p.m. at 2517 Wesley Avenue in Ocean City on January 8, 1994. ( Source: NBC News )

There have been no confirmed sightings of Lamanna by authorities since. On the day she disappeared, Renee argued with her boyfriend and left their apartment in Queens, New York.

Lamanna was eventually found in the cold, barefoot, and wearing only her night clothes. She was then taken to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Who Was Renee Lamanna?

Renee Lamanna was a woman from Queens, New York, who went missing on January 8, 1994. At the time of her disappearance, Lamanna was studying nuclear medicine technology. 

At the age of twenty, Lamanna had received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It has been noted that Renee also served in the Peace Corps and spoke both French and Arabic fluently.

Renee Lamanna Missing Update
Renee Lamanna’s missing news was posted on a truck, and the news still makes rounds on the internet. ( Source: NBC News )

According to her family, Renee later came under great stress. Reportedly, she was also diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which caused her panic attacks and sometimes left her nervous and paranoid.

Meanwhile, Renee was loved by her family members and her sister Margaret still hopes to locate her. Margaret believes that Renee may still be in New York.

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